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Difference Between Google and Google Chrome

Google vs Google Chrome

Google is one of the biggest software companies today. It has a lot of products that are on offer; some are on a paid basis while most are for free. One of the Google products is Chrome, which is the name of their operating system and browser. The browser is the more popular between the two, grabbing a hefty share in the browser market; taking huge chunks from the shares of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Still, Google is not popular just because of Google Chrome. Their number one product is still their search engine, which caters to two thirds of all internet searches today. In fact, it is hard for most people to separate Google, the company, from Google, the search engine. Other Google services include the very popular Google Mail, commonly known as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Talk, and many more.

With the Google Chrome OS, Google aims to move everyone away from the usual structure of computing where everything is stored in the computer. The concept of cloud computing means that the Google Chrome OS contains the bare essentials needed to start-up the computer. Once it has started, all the data it needs is pulled from the cloud or the internet. This means that you need to have an adequately fast internet connection at all times, which can be a problem in some countries where connections are neither fast nor consistent. If you do have access to a quality connection, the benefits are quite nice. For starters, the OS is free and you would not need to buy a new one every time you change your computer. Since data is located on the cloud, you also wouldn’t need a high capacity hard drive that adds weight and sucks battery power. Losing your computer would also not mean losing your data, which in some cases can be a bigger loss than the computer due to their importance or confidentiality.

Google is one of the biggest movers in computing nowadays. Google Chrome, the browser and the software, is the product that may introduce a huge change in how people use computers. Although it might seem like to different products, the two are actually interlinked as the Google Chrome OS is browser based and is gradually integrating other Google products into a unified platform.


1.Google is the company while Google Chrome is an operating system by Google
2.Google is better known for its search engine than for Google Chrome

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