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Cooler vs Air Conditioner

When it comes to cooling, the electric fan is probably still the most economical of all. But if you want something better, you can either get a cooler or an air conditioner. The main difference between the two is how they achieve the cooling effect. An air conditioner uses a heat pump which actively absorbs heat from one side then expels it on the other. In comparison, a cooler relies on the cooling effect of evaporating water. It forces the air through a water-soaked material evaporating the water and cooling the air. Since a cooler needs water, it needs to be constantly refilled or connected to a constant water source.

Between the two, the air conditioner is the more powerful of the two. It is capable of lowering temperatures to far below ambient levels. A cooler has limitations and can only lower temperatures to a few degrees below the ambient temperature. Some people improve the performance by using cooled water or by putting ice in its water source. It’s still not as cold as an air conditioner, but it does bring the temperature down another couple degrees or so.

Coolers tend to increase the humidity in a room where it is used. This is because it is evaporating water into the air. It is, therefore, not recommended in humid areas. In comparison, an air conditioner reduces the humidity of the air as water vapor tends to condense around the cooling coils; a good indicator of this is the way air conditioners tend to leak water outside. You can use air conditioners regardless of the humidity of the area.

When it comes to installation, air conditioners are more flexible to install. There are many configurations, including split and window types, which let you mount the unit where you have space. You can’t use coolers in an enclosed room as the recirculating air would just increase the humidity to saturation and make the environment quite uncomfortable.

The main advantage of a cooler is its relatively low cost of ownership and operation. An air conditioner is quite expensive and consumes a lot of electricity to run. A cooler is basically just a fan with a compartment for water and a mechanism to expose the water to the blowing air.


1.An air conditioner uses a heat pump while a cooler doesn’t.
2.A cooler needs a water source while an air conditioner doesn’t.
3.An air conditioner can cool the air much more quickly than a cooler can.
4.An air conditioner typically reduces humidity while a cooler increases it.
5.An air conditioner is more flexible in terms of installation.
6.An air conditioner costs more to purchase and run than a cooler.

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