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  1. myo zaw latt
    September 5, 2019

    thank a lot i know exactly the difference two type of ac.


  2. Aniket Surve
    April 20, 2020

    I read this article and it made me remind of my Engineering Exam where we used to write 1 feature in 5 different ways!
    One more thing, its Sensor and not Censor.


    • Ranjan Buragohain
      May 29, 2020

      If possible please elaborate.


      • R Clary
        June 3, 2020

        A Censor is a person who stops you from talking or writing or forces you to make your message conform to what they want.

        A Sensor is a device to measure something. Like tempurator or revolutions per time unit.


  3. Pradeep
    May 30, 2020

    What is the threshold voltage for an inverter type AC?


    June 17, 2020

    I want to know about the o general ac…. Please give me some information about o general as i am so confuse that which ac should i have to buy.


  5. GA
    September 29, 2020

    This statement confused me.

    “Noise of Inverter and Non Inverter AC
    An inverter air conditioner heating/cooling capacity varies depending on the room temperature and the outdoor temperature. Because the compressor inside the unit doesn’t go off and on as frequently as its non inverter counterpart does and it keeps working at a moderate temperature all the time, it’s a lot quieter in operation. A non inverter air conditioner is less efficient when it comes to operation because they automatically turn on and off all the time, thereby creating a whole lot of noise than the inverter unit. It works a little harder because of its operation hence contributes to more noise.”

    We have 2 AC an inverter and a non inverter different brands but they are both network company. Based on what I am experiencing as of the moment my inverter AC 1.5 HP is literally noisy like an engine. This is consistent on a 18 degrees Fan 3 mode. The only way I could eliminate some of the noise is by setting it to dry mode which is not ideal as I am located in a humid country. Note that this is a one week old AC On the other room, a much bigger room, I got 1 HP which is a 2 years old unit and that sounds cool and music to my ears.

    I hope this thread is still active and I could get a response from the person managing this. Thank you!


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