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Difference Between Core i5 and Corei7

intel_processorCore i5 vs Core i7

The Core i5 processor from Intel is a scaled down version of the high performance but highly priced i7 processors. The lower corresponding price of the i5 makes it accessible to the mainstream market. The most noticeable difference between the two is the shift in the socket type being used. The i5 uses the LGA1156 socket along with a new chip set. Although it is expected that the i7 would also move to the same socket, most of the existent i7 processors use the LGA1366 socket type and its corresponding chip set.

When it comes to memory, the i5 uses the more traditional dual channel memory. Dual channel improves the speed of the system by providing an individual channel for two identical memory modules. The i7 uses triple channel memory which means that you need to buy memory in sets of three in order to take advantage of its full potential. This can be quite costly, especially if you use expensive brands of memory. But when it comes to the performance, triple channel memory is considerably superior compared to dual channel.

The i7 is also a lot more superior compared to the i5 when it comes to hyper-threading. The system sees an i5 quad core processor as having four cores, which is quite reasonable. When it comes to the i7, the system sees eight cores instead of the actual four. This seemingly minor difference does not really do anything to improve the speed of the most common computer activities like browsing and doing paperwork. But when it comes to heavy load applications like 3d rendering that can benefit a lot from multi-threading, the speed improvement is fairly noticeable.

To sum it up, the i7 is a very expensive processor that entails extra cost due to the expensive complimenting hardware like the motherboard and memory. The i7 is best for workstations and for people who routinely do heavy computing. For the rest of us, the i5 has more than enough power to suffice. The lower cost and greater flexibility in terms of the hardware also makes it easier for people to customize their rig.

1.The i5 is the mainstream version of the high-end i7.
2.The i5 uses the LGA1156 socket while the i7 uses the LGA1366 socket.
3.The i5 uses dual channel memory while the i7 uses triple channel memory.
4.Hyper Threading on the i7 is better than on the i5.

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  1. hey thanks in advance….
    would u pls do me favour that…whats the difference between core i5,core i3, and core i7.

  2. would u also tell me what is hyper threading so that it would be easier to understand the difference

  3. All Sandy Bridge Core i5 processors have hyper-threading disabled, and all Sandy Bridge Core i7 processors have hyper-threading enabled. This is a major feature difference of Core i5 vs Core i7 processors

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