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computerA serial, also known as a product key, is a series of alphanumeric characters (numbers and letters) that indicate the purchase of that specific software. Serials for very popular software can sometimes be found online and most software pirates use these serials distribute pirated copies that can be unlocked. A crack is a more sophisticated way of bypassing the security measures of certain software. It is an application that totally removes the authentication mechanism that’s been embedded into the software.

The use of serial keys was started by software companies to combat the quick and wide spread of software piracy. Even if you have a copy of the software, you would not be able to use it without a serial. Since its advent, sharing serial keys have been very prevalent as the most software are not able to confirm whether or not the serial has been used by another user on another computer. Some software makers are beginning to require online registration to mitigate this problem.

A very significant difference between the two is their format. Serials are often provided as text files while cracks are binary executable applications that would patch the software. Cracks could pose a very major security threat as the executable may contain any kind of malware. It could be a virus, a Trojan, or it could even install spyware on your computer. Although a text file should not be able to contain any type of malware, there are some tricks that a malicious people employ to fool the user into getting malware into their computers.

Cracks and serials are pretty dangerous, just like any other illegal stuff that you can obtain from the internet. The people who distribute these things often have ulterior motives that include gathering information or even simply to cause damage to other people. Buying legitimate software is the only way to go. Not only do you avoid any possible legal consequences, you would also have the ability to ask for support from its makers whenever you encounter problems that you cannot solve on your own.


A crack is an application that breaks authentication mechanisms of commercial application while a serial is a proof of purchase that would unlock an application

Cracks are binary in nature while serials are often encoded as a text file

You are more likely to encounter malware with a crack than with a serial

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