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Difference Between Eufy and Wyze

When we’re talking about smart home market, the first name that probably comes to mind is, of course, Google, followed by some big players, such as Amazon, Honeywell, etc. Amazon and Google are among the big guns in the smart home space, but there are plenty of other worthy contenders in the space, including Eufy and Wyze, that hold quite a decent amount of share of the smart home market. Both Eufy and Wyze specialize in smart home products, particularly wireless cameras and video doorbells. But, which would be the winner if the two were to battle it out? Let’s take a look and find out.


Eufy is one of the leading consumer electronics brands in America specializing in easy-to-use smart home devices to simplify the complete smart home experience. Eufy is part of Anker Innovations, the global leader in intelligent charging solutions. Anker produces connected devices and everything, from chargers to headphones, speakers, car chargers, and everything in between. Eufy has developed a wide range of next-generation smart home and connected devices to enhance your smart home setup. Eufy also develops smart home security products such as security cameras and video doorbells, alarm systems, smart cams, and other security solutions for a safe smart home experience. 


Wyze is a Seattle, U.S. based company that develops smart home products and wireless cameras. Their mission is to make great technology accessible to everyone. Wyze is basically a startup full of innovative minds and individuals with a vision – that is to see a home filled with smart products that all work together seamlessly. The business was incorporated in July 2017 by the four co-founders: CEO Yun Zhang, COO Elana Fishman, Chief Product Officer Dongsheng Song, and the Head of Marketing Dave Crosby. Wyze started with security cameras, but expanded their offerings to now include a diverse range of products across several categories, including connected home, power and lighting, lifestyle, health and wellness, audio, security, and more.

Difference between Eufy and Wyze

Indoor Cameras

Both Eufy and Wyze make affordable smart home indoor security cameras packed with great features, such as sound/motion detection, two-way audio, detection alert, activity zones, cloud storage, etc. The Eufy, however, does not support a crisp 1080p video recording (1080p only available with Apple HomeKit). Wyze indoor cameras do support 1080p video recording with an all-new Starlight Sensor that records videos at night.

Outdoor Cameras

When it comes to outdoor cameras, Eufy beats Wyze head on, thanks to their wide range of security cameras, including floodlight cameras and spotlight cameras. There are an insane number of options, including the first of its kind 4G LTE Starlight Camera that is built for the outdoors, featuring both 2K high-definition resolution and Starlight Night Vision. Talking about Wyze, there’s this one with 1080p Color Night Vision and budget friendly pricing.

Video Doorbells

Same with video doorbells; Eufy has more options but the products are significantly pricier than what Wyze offers. Eufy does have different video doorbells at different prices depending on your needs or preferences. The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K offers a 4:3 aspect ratio. The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is a battery powered smart doorbell with 1:1 aspect ratio and two-way audio. Besides, both the doorbells feature smart detection alerts. But Wyze placed its products at the budget friendly level to make their competitive.

Subscription Service/Cost

Both Eufy and Wyze have budget friendly options to suit every individual’s unique smart home security needs. A wired camera from Eufy starts somewhere around $45 whereas the Wyze Cam v3 starts roughly at $30 with a two-pack option at roughly $58, which is a great deal. Wyze offers a Cam Plus subscription that gives you unlimited recordings, person detection alert, and more for a mere $1.99 per month. Eufy has several tiers of cloud storage pricing models, starting from $2.99 per month to roughly $10 per month.

Eufy vs. Wyze: Comparison Chart


Both Eufy and Wyze make great smart home products to suit every homeowner’s appetite, be it a smart indoor camera, a video doorbell, or a smart outdoor security camera. If you’re looking to outfit your home with smart home accessories while also wanting to save money doing so, then you should go with Wyze. Although the options are limited, Wyze offers a decent range of smart home security products at a budget-friendly range. The performance between the two is basically the same with some minor details. Eufy, however, continues to impress with its insane range of smart home products.

Which is better Eufy or Wyze?

Eufy has more and better options, but the products are at the higher side compared to what Wyze offers. So, it comes down to personal preferences and needs.

What cameras are better than Wyze?

There are some great substitutes to Wyze cameras, like Blink, SimpliCam, Eufy, Swann, and so on.

Are Eufy cameras good?

Eufy has a wide range of home security cameras for a complete smart home experience. From high-quality video recording to two-way answering, smart detection alert, cloud storage, and more, the cameras are packed with tons of features.

Is Eufy a good security system?

Eufy is considered a good brand in the smart home security space and based on user reviews, customers are generally satisfied with their products and services. All their security products come with top notch features and what not.

Does Eufy have a subscription?

Eufy has several tiers of cloud storage pricing models, starting from $2.99 per month to roughly $10 per month.

Which is better Blink or Wyze?

Both the cameras are good and featured with 1080 video recording. The Blink camera, however, has a 110-degree field of view, whereas the Wyze camera has a slightly wider field of view at 130 degrees.

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