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Difference Between Original Apple MacBook Battery and Replacement Battery

Original Apple MacBook Battery vs Replacement Battery

In the life of a laptop, there comes a time when the battery needs to be replaced because it no longer holds a charge or doesn’t last as long as the owner needs it to. With Apple MacBooks, the choice is between original Apple MacBook batteries or any of the numerous replacement batteries from third party manufacturers. The main difference between original Apple MacBook batteries and replacement batteries is, of course, their price. In this regard, the difference in price can range $30 less down to about half the price or even lower. So if you get a good replacement battery, you can save yourself some cash.

The advantage of getting a replacement battery is the possibility of getting one that has a higher capacity than the original one. With original Apple MacBook batteries, you can only get the same capacity. An increased battery capacity may increase the overall weight of the laptop but you get an extended use time with every charge.

But with replacement batteries, you do not get the same assurance of reliability that you will get with an original Apple MacBook battery. Depending on where you get the replacement battery, it can last as long as the original or it can last a week. Apple also provides warranty when you get original batteries so you can have the battery you got replaced in case it has a factory defect. Some third party manufacturers also provide warranties but often not as long as what Apple provides. Steer clear from sellers that do not provide any sort of warranty as you may get a defective product.

Choosing between an original and replacement battery can be quite tricky. On one hand, you can save money; but on the other, you may not be satisfied with what you get. If you use your MacBook for important stuff, it is better to get your battery straight from Apple to avoid problems later one. Then there is the case of non-user replaceable batteries, which is the case of the MacBook Air. In this case, it is also better to get your battery from Apple as they will install it for you.


1.Replacement batteries are typically cheaper than original Apple MacBook batteries
2.Replacement batteries can have higher capacities than original Apple MacBook batteries
3.Replacement batteries do not have the same reliability as original Apple MacBook batteries

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