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Difference Between Internet Explore 7 and 8

inter_explorerInternet Explore 7 vs 8
Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most popular web browser in the world today. With the release of version 8, its time to compare it to the older version 7 and see what the improvements are. It would be easier to talk about what’s new in IE8 rather than what isn’t in IE7. So here is a list of the improvements: Better performance, web slices, private browsing, better search bar, enhanced tabs, improved security.

Internet Explorer 7 came 5 years after version 6 did and in this span of time it introduced a lot of new features to the IE series. IE7 was the first of the series to introduce the tabbed browsing, even if it was already present in other browsers. It also introduced the pop-up blocker and phishing filter that made internet surfing a lot safer. It also provided an improved overall browser experience due to speed and user interface enhancements.

It is already given, that IE8 would present more speed enhancements in loading and rendering pages since it is the improved version, but it provides a lot more features that were not present in IE7. Web slices is one of them.This is a feature that has been made for the Vista desktop but has now been included in the browser. Web slices allow the user to subscribe to small predefined web pages and look at what it contains without visiting the site. This would be excellent if you like checking on something all day long like an ebay auction.

Another new feature is the InPrivate browsing. It is a feature that you can activate and deactivate at will. When you leave an InPrivate browsing session, all the data for that session like cookies and temporary files are automatically deleted without touching the data that were not done in the InPrivate sessions.

Alterations were also done on the URL bar that gives you info on different categories like history and favorites as you type. IE8 also does domain highlighting which lets you see if the site you are visiting is the real deal or a fake one. It would even highlight the protocol whenever you use SSL so that you are sure that your data is secure.

Tabbed browsing has also been improved allowing users to group multiple tabs. Security has also been upgraded with IE8 via Smart filter, the new and improved anti-phishing filter for the Internet Explorer. The only problem that might arise with IE8 is that it is not as backwards compatible as it should be and some pages that were created for IE7 might not render correctly in IE8.

1. IE 8 introduced Web Slices and InPrivate which were not present in IE7.
2. Address Bar improvements with domain highlighting are done in IE8.
3. Improvements to IE7’s tabbed browsing and Security features are done on IE8.
4. Pages made for IE7 may not render correctly in IE8.

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