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Difference Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 4G vs iPhone 3Gs

Witch iteration of the iPhone, we see Apple adding more features and raising the ante against those who aim to dethrone them. With the iPhone 4, Apple finally decided to add video calling, which a lot of people greatly missed in the 3Gs, but only with the use of a WiFi network and not over 3G as it was intended to. This is evidenced by the addition of a secondary camera right beside the speaker. Aside from the addition of a secondary camera, the primary camera of the iPhone4 has also been upgraded to a 5 megapixel sensor from the 3 megapixel sensor that you would find on the 3Gs.

The size of the iPhone4’s screen has not really changed as doing so would change the size of the entire device. Apple simply increased the resolution to 640×960, which is 4 times the number of pixels to the 320×480 resolution of the 3Gs. Connectivity has also been upgraded as the iPhone4 now supports the 802.11n standard which the 3Gs did not. This allows for much faster WiFi access, which is ideal for video calling.

Probably the biggest addition to the iPhone4 is the gyroscope. Added to the accelerometer that you would in the 3Gs, the gyro allows for much better movement and positioning detection. The possibilities that this device has for gaming is practically endless as the new control allows for more interesting game mechanics. There might seem to be little or no games that take advantage of this feature right now but it’s simply a matter of time before the developers flood the market with games that make use of the gyro.

To compensate for the added and upgraded features of the iPhone4, Apple decided to increase its processing power from the 600Mhz processor of the 3Gs to the 1Ghz A4 processor. Apple also doubled the memory of the iPhone to 512MB from the 256MB of the 3Gs. This allows the iPhone4 to function smoothly despite the added load.


1. The iPhone4 is capable of video calling while the 3Gs is not

2. The iPhone4 has a better camera compared to the 3Gs

3. The iPhone4 has better resolution than the 3Gs

4. The iPhone4 supports 802.11n while the 3Gs does not

5. The iPhone4 has a gyroscope while the 3Gs does not

6. The iPhone4 is equipped with a more powerful processor and more memory than the 3Gs

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