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Silicon vs Bangalore

Technological management or Information Technology (IT) is concerned with the development and production of computer software and hardware as well as programming languages and information systems.

In the last four decades it has experienced a huge amount of development and growth making it one of the world’s leading industries today. It paved the way for the emergence of several IT companies in such places as Silicon Valley in the United States and in Bangalore, India.

During the early 20th century, technology corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and other firms started to grow around the Stanford University campus in Northern California. It started when the school’s Dean of Engineering Frederick Terman inspired students to begin their own companies.

It was there where the development of the microcomputer and the microprocessor started. Through the years, technological and electronic innovations were developed in the area making it the world’s leading center for technological development.

The name Silicon Valley came from the silicon used in the production of semiconductors which were the first products developed in the area in the Santa Clara Valley where the companies that produced them were located.

Bangalore, on the other hand, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is part of the Beta world cities and is where most of India’s research facilities and institutions as well as its most-sought-after colleges are located. Referred to as “the Silicon Valley of India,” it is home to several software companies and industrial firms that cater to telecommunications, aerospace, and other technological needs.

It is India’s leading exporter of IT products, and it is the center of the country’s high-tech industry. U.S. companies such as Infosys, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard have offices and research centers in the area. Its development as an IT hub started in the 1990s, and it continued to grow as the companies gained a reputation for their efficiency and excellence. Compared to Silicon Valley, Bangalore’s IT companies and their products are not as well promoted in the market, though.

The Bangalore IT market is also fairly new and still needs more development although the high concentration of U.S. IT companies based in the area makes it very competitive. Silicon Valley also attracts more of the world’s best minds and investors than does Bangalore.

While Silicon Valley is open to new ideas and readily accepts opinions that may help in its development, Bangalore is not and considers such overtures as an intrusion into a company’s private affairs.


1.Silicon Valley is located near San Francisco, United States of America while Bangalore is located in India.
2.Silicon Valley has been catering to the world’s IT needs since the early 20th century while Bangalore has emerged as an IT hub in the 1990s.
3.Silicon Valley is already well established while Bangalore is still in the process of making a name for itself.
4.Silicon Valley attracts more investors and the world’s best minds while Bangalore does not.
5.Silicon Valley companies are better advertised and promoted and are more open to innovations than companies in Bangalore.

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