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tcp-udpTCP vs UDP
The flow of traffic across the Internet is on the basis of protocols which are TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

While TCP is more popular across the Internet, the UDP cannot be rendered completely redundant. TCP allows error correction but UDP does not. In the case of TCP, there is a guarantee of the data delivery at the download or addresse point. This is made possible by ‘flow control’ which determines the requirement for resending data. Flow control also checks and stops the transmission of data unless previous packets have been successfully delivered. This is based on the process in which the client can request a resending of a particular packet from the server until the entire packet has been received as in its original form.

UDP is also common but it cannot be relied upon for sending important data like secure files, important webpages etc. It is used mostly for streaming media including audio and video. UDP is faster than TCP and media players work best with it. There is no flow control or error correction but the speed is far greater so despite streaming media not being of high quality, it can be viewed properly with UDP.

TCP is safer as compared to UDP as the latter serves as an adequate cover for viruses. TCP also has a complicated frame structure. In case of UDP, the operating system has to do very little work to translate the data.

UDP is connection less while TCP is connection-oriented which requires the latter protocol to establish full connection between the receiver and the sender. The connection needs to be closed after the transfer is complete to free up system resources that were being used by the protocol. UDP requires no authorization and is okay for free-floating dissemination of data.

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