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share_point-software-amWSS vs MOSS

Microsoft Sharepoint is a compilation of software elements and other similar products. Microsoft has partitioned the products into two classifications. The two parts are named WSS, as in Windows Sharepoint Services, and MOSS, as in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server. The exact complete names of recent products are WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. There is actually a Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2010, but it is currently in beta version.

Basically, WSS and MOSS will help companies to operate better due to enhanced and more efficient methods of sharing and management. The main difference between the two is that WSS is quite basic, and MOSS is much more advanced. In analogy, MOSS is WSS on steroids.

WSS is practically free to most businesses and organizations, as it is licensed through Windows Server (2003 and 2008) or Microsoft Small Business Server. It is suitable for small to medium scale projects. WSS allows small organizations to set up and host internal web sites and spaces. The setup and deployment is uncomplicated, and there is little to no assistance needed from IT professionals. An individual with basic knowledge will suffice.

By default, WSS is not set up on the Windows Server. It should be configured first in order for the company to make use of its functionalities. In a case where a company considers WSS standard features to be lacking, it is recommended that MOSS should be availed.

MOSS, on the other hand, is mainly built based on the WSS collaborative platform, but it is a product of its own accord, which requires its own licensing ‘“ standard or enterprise. MOSS will also cost more since it involves purchases of some software. Sometimes, it may even require a purchase of special hardware. Naturally, MOSS has more features and functionalities which may be useful for larger projects.

Although MOSS sits on top of the WSS foundation, it has many feature bonuses. The additional functions may prove to become beneficial for larger scoped organizations and projects. Some of these additional functionalities include Excel Services, Business Data Connector, My Sites, and many others. It has better overall management, and additional workflows. However, it may take a bit more expertise from an IT authority to set it up effectively.


1. WSS is more affordable as it is shipped with Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Small Business Server.

2. MOSS costs more than WSS because it requires its own licensing, and it requires purchases of other software and optional hardware.

3. WSS is suitable for small to medium projects, while MOSS is for highly budgeted, larger projects.

4. MOSS is actually based on the WSS platform, and only expanded with additional components.

5. WSS is limited, but much simpler to employ compared to the extensive but more complicated MOSS.

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