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Difference Between Windows Server 2003 and SBS

home_serverWindows Server 2003 vs SBS

The Windows Server 2003 is one version of the operating systems from Microsoft that is geared towards businesses who needs to have a server. It includes IIS for deploying web servers and Active Directory for deploying applications. You can get Server 2003 in a few variants that differ in price and capabilities, one of which is SBS or Small Business Server. SBS is a package that includes other software aside from Windows Server. It includes SQL, Exchange, and ISA servers. Though the price tag of SBS is greater than any of those, you would be saving money as you would not to buy each server individually.

But with the reduction in prices comes limits in the use of the software. The biggest limitation when it comes to using SBS is the user limit which is set to 75. This is not the case for other editions and limits its use to small businesses, for which it was intended. The Windows Server for SBS is also limited to 4GB of memory. Installing more would just render the extra memory useless. SBS users are limited to running a single computer with Windows Server on the domain. This is not an exhaustive list of limitations as there are still others. If you like to view the full list, you should check Microsoft’s website for the full shakedown.

Companies should look at their size and budget before choosing whether to take Windows Server 2003 or SBS. SBS is the excellent choice for small companies who only have a light workforce and even lighter budget. It provides all the capabilities that are needed in a unified package that costs cheaper than buying each individual software. Companies who find SBS restrictive due to the limitations imposed should choose between the other editions of Windows Server 2003. The other needed software should also be purchased separately. The total cost would be so much more but the increase in productivity should justify the cost. Window Server 2003 would also be the cheaper cost in case you do not need the other software that is included in the SBS.

1.SBS is only one variant with Window Server 2003
2.The SBS license encompasses a lot of other licenses and costs cheaper
3.The SBS Windows Server is limited to 75 users
4.The SBS Windows Server is limited to 4GB RAM
5.With SBS you are only allowed to have one computer running Windows Server

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