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Difference Between Aimpoint M2 and M3 Aimpoint

Aimpoint M2 vs M3 Aimpoint

First of all, let’s understand what Aimpoint is. Aimpoint is a technology developed by the Swedish Optics Company called Aimpoint AB which manufactures equipment for military, police, and civilians of “red dots sights.” The main feature of “red dots sights” is that the shooter can keep both of his eyes open while sighting in a target. On the lens, a red dot appears when the shooter looks into the Aimpoint. The red dot can be superimposed on the target, and it allows for speed and accuracy along with the natural way of keeping both eyes open while shooting which provides an unlimited view at any distance required.

Another feature of Aimpoint is the double lens system which helps in parallax-free vision, meaning the point of impact will be same as the point of aim when the target is over 50 yards away. Aimpoint manufactures many different models, and one of the most popular is the Comp M2 also called M68. It is used by the armed forces of numerous countries including the U.S.

The difference between the M2 and M3 are in their battery life, price, configuration, technology, etc. Both use the same working principle of Reflex Collimator Sight or red dot sight. They have the same light source, an LED, Light Emitting Diode, which is very safe for the eyes. The light source wavelength used is 650nm red light for both  models. The eye relief in both is unlimited, and both do not have any parallax. Both have “night vision compatibility.” The mechanical data including material housing, surface finish, mounting methods, etc. are the same in both models. The temperature range is the same, and no radioactive parts are used. All the dimensions including length, weight, tube length, etc. are the same.

  • In the M2, the technology used is called CET, Circuit Efficiency Technology; M3 uses ACET, Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology.
  • In the M2, the red dot size is 4 in MOA “minute of angle”; in the M3, the red dot size is in two options 4 and 2.
  • Both use the same 3V battery, 1 battery type  DL1/3N or 2L76,  but the battery life is different in both models. In the M2, the battery life  is 10,000  hours (over a period of one year of continuous use) at the NVD setting the life is 100,000 hours. In the M3, the battery life is 50,000 hours for a period of 5 years, and at the NVD setting 500,000.
  • In the M2, the water resistance is 25m and it is submersible to 80 ft; in the M3, the water resistance is 45m and is submersible to 150 ft.


  1. M2 uses CET technology; M3 uses ACET technology.
  2. The red dot size is optional in the M3 in two sizes 2 or 4; the red dot size is available in just one size in the M2, size 4.
  3. The battery life is longer in the M3 than the M2.
  4. Water resistance and submergibility is more in the M3 than the M2.

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