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Difference between Apple Watch 1 and Apple Watch 2



Apple Series 1 vs Apple Series 2

Sales, discounts, coupons or proximity may determine where the buyer will purchase his/her own precious AppleModel watch. There are many features should be considered before making the final decision such as size, color, casing and bands of the watch.

In the year 2006, apple released a new series of apple watch known as series 0 which falls under the first generation of watches. Series 1 comes in an aluminum body which is almost identical to series 0. But Series 1 is faster due to its dual-core processor. Series 1  is almost comparable to the speed of series 2.

The major features that differentiate series 1 and series 2 apple watch are:

  • Water resistant
  • Built-in GPS
  • Display
  • Visual Appearance
  • Speed

Water Resistance

The Series 2 watches are water proof. Apple made their watches in a way that a user can swim up to 50 meters or 164 feet. It will show details on the distance covered, pace, lap count and the calories burned during the work out.  Because the series 2 watches are water proof in deep water, it comes with a water lock. This feature is used to eject water out of the speaker.

Has a built-in GPS

Unlike the series 1, series 2 has a built-in GPS.  Even without connecting the apple watch to the iPhone, the watch can track the route and measure pace and speed. With Series 2 watches, users can easily tell where they are and how fast they are going for activities such as running, cycling or even driving.

Upgraded Display

Series 2 watches replaces the old display with two times bigger luminance screen. It is the brightest product from apple which means it is easier to view and use the watch on  a sunny day. The series 2 has an Ion-X glass that protects the screen on the aluminum stainless steel or ceramic models.



Visual differences

The Series 1 watches only comes with aluminum cases and sports band combo, while the Series 2 watches come with aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic cases. In Series 2, bands are available in many types including Sport, Nike, leather, stainless steel and nylon bands.

Keen buyers, please note that Series 2 is  little thicker witha new air vent.


Series 1 and 2 have  fast dual-core processors. Launching apps is faster for both series compared to the series 0. Both Series have good battery life that can last up to 18 hours without GPS and 5 hours on GPS. 

Series 1 Series 2
Dual-core processor Dual-core processor
Different kind of bands Different kinds of bands
They offer up to 18 hours’ battery life. They offer up to 18 hours’ battery life.


Series 1 Series 2  
No water proof Water resistant for up to 50 meters  
No water ejector Fitted with a power speaker that ejects water after a deep water swim.  
No ceramic backs Ceramic, aluminum or steel backs  
450 nits : less brighter than series 2 Brightest screen with 1000 nits.  
Smaller size and lighter weight Bigger than series 1  
 S1P system on a chip: No GPS chip GPS  
Less expensive Expensive compared to Series 1  
No ceramic backs Have Ceramic backs  


  Series 1 Series 2
  Aluminum Sport casing Aluminum, steel, or ceramic casing
  S1P dual-core system chip S2 dual-core system chip
  IP7 water resistance, or “splash-proof” Water resistance to 50m/150 feet
  Ion-X glass display and composite back Direct fire speaker that ejects water
  OLED Retina Display has 450 nits for brightness Ion-X glass which can be Sport, Nike+, sapphire crystal display (Steel, Ceramic, Hermes) and ceramic back.
    Its OLED Retina Display has 1000 nits for brightness
  Up to 18 hours battery life It supports to 18 hours battery life
  Has a watchOS 3 Has a watchOS 3

Models that fall under the different series

  Apple Watch Series 1 Apple Watch Series 2  
  Models Bands Models
  Sport Silver Aluminum White Sport Band Apple watch Sport(Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold aluminum)
  Sport Space Gray Aluminum Black Sport Band Apple watch Nike+(Silver and Space Grey aluminum with custom Sport bands)
  Sport Gold Aluminum Concrete Sport Band Apple Watch Steel(Silver and Space Black steel)
  Sport Gold Aluminum Cocoa Sport Band Apple watch Edition(Ceramic with Cloud Sport band)
  Sport Rose Gold Aluminum Pink Sand Sport Band Apple watch Hermes(Single Tour, Double Buckle Cuff, Double tour, single tour deployment buckle).
  Sport Rose Gold Aluminum Midnight Blue Sport Band  

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