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Difference Between WAP and the Internet

WAP  vs Internet

The Internet refers to the world-wide interconnection of computers to enable easier sharing of data, video, or even voice signals. The Internet is a wide network connection made up of smaller network connections, for example, local area networks or wide area networks, and one can easily choose what to share with others or what to receive from others. WAP refers to wireless application protocol, and this is used by people who own some handheld devices like mobile phones to exchange information such as emails or even to download music. Some of the wireless networks that are supported by WAP are the coded division multiple access and the global systems for mobile applications.

To access the Internet using computers, one can use large-sized browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. These browsers usually allow the user to access more information from the Internet and also to download or upload large files. WAP that uses the Internet uses mini-browsers like the opera mini which have files with small sizes so that they can comfortably fit into the small storage capacities of the handheld devices. These mini-browsers only allow access to limited information and are normally not efficient for huge Internet applications.

The Internet services are normally provided by the local Internet service providers depending on the country where one comes from. These Internet service providers are normally responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and repairing the Internet connections of their clients, and they do all this at a fee normally charged at the end of the month. WAP services are provided and supported by the companies that support the operation of handheld devices, for example, the mobile service providers, and they also charge a fee for their services.

WAP can be accessed from anyplace as far as where the person with the handheld device is within the region covered by the service providers supporting the operation of the device. The regions covered in such a case are generally big and, therefore, the owner of such a device is assured of WAP connection most of the time. Full access to the Internet requires the use of a computer and, therefore, one can do this only when using the computer, and this limits the places where the Internet can be accessed.

You don’t have to change the WAP settings each and every time you move to a new location, and this makes it very convenient as far as you are within the coverage of your service provider. For Internet connection, you have to adjust the Internet connection settings of your computer each time you move to a new connection point. This is because different service providers and different organizations have different Internet settings, for example, the Internet protocol addresses.


1.WAP is a wireless connection while the Internet is not and uses such connections as the fiber optic cables.
2.WAP uses mini-browsers like opera mini while the Internet uses browsers with large files like Internet Explorer.
Internet services are provided by Internet service providers while WAP services are provided by companies that support the operation of the handheld devices.
3.WAP can be accessed from anyplace while the Internet can only be accessed from a place with an Internet connection.
4.You have to change Internet settings every time you change locations, but you don’t have to when using WAP.

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