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Difference Between a Mini Cooper and Mini One

a Mini Cooper vs Mini One

The Mini Cooper is a very popular car that comes with an accordingly higher price tag. As a way to entice customers into the world of Mini cars, Mini introduced the entry level Mini One. The main difference between the Cooper and the One is performance. The Cooper has a more powerful 1.6L engine that pushes 122 horsepower while the near identical 1.6L engine of the One can only manage 98 horsepower. The Cooper also has the higher torque at 160Nm at 4250rpm compared to the 153Nm at 3000rpm of the One.

What this performance difference translates into in the real world is a difference in top speed and acceleration. The Cooper is faster by 10mph at 126mph to the One’s 116mph top speed. The Cooper also shaves more than a second in its 0 to 60mph time. The One takes around 10.5 seconds while the Cooper can do the same in 9.1 seconds. These differences may not be discernable when used by ordinary people; but under the hands of an experienced race driver, the One doesn’t stand a chance against the Cooper.

When it comes to trim options, the Cooper also has the higher options. Things like chrome grills and other things that are optional to the Mini One already come standard in the Mini Cooper. The many advantages of the Mini Cooper add up to one thing; price. The Mini Cooper is more expensive that the Mini One. The exact price difference varies depending on the exact model, but the typical difference is around £1000 or $1600.

In the end, the choice between the Mini Cooper and Mini One boils down to whether you want price or performance. The Mini One is a good introduction to Minis while the Cooper is a more advanced unit for those who want a little bit more than what the Mini One can offer.


The Cooper has a more powerful engine than the One.
The Cooper has more torque than the One.
The Cooper is faster and has more acceleration than the One.
The Cooper has better trim options than the One.
The Cooper is more expensive than the One.

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  1. Well said but we are all not boy or girl racers. Mini one cheaper to service,fix and insure. Driving not about just showing off at traffic lights.

    • Exactly Nicholas. Some people don’t fit into the boy or girl gender and are non-binary. Totally agree with your point.

  2. There is also a difference in the suspension. Basic one has no rear anti roll bar and only a 16mm bar up front; compared with the Cooper’s standard 22.5mm front/16mm rear or sports version 24mm front/17mm rear. Don’t expect to easily add an antiroll bar to the rear of the one, because the mountings are missing from the sub-frame.

  3. Is there any difference in appearance on both?

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