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Difference Between Google Android and Windows Mobile

Google Android vs Windows Mobile

When it comes to operating systems for smartphones, there are only a handful of easily identifiable names. This includes Windows Mobile from Microsoft, Android from Google, Blackberry OS from RIM, and iOS from Apple. Of the four mentioned above, only the first two can be found on different phones from different manufacturers. The biggest difference between Android and WM is that Android is largely based on Linux while Windows Mobile is based on Microsoft Windows. Although the similarities might be visible in WM, you really can’t tell with Android. Another key difference is licensing, while Windows Mobile is proprietary software, just like Windows, while Android is an open source and basically free operating system, handset manufacturers can tweak it to suit their hardware more.

When it comes to applications that you can install on the handsets, WM still wins out as it has a lot more applications that you can download and install. The only downside to WM is the lack of a centralized app store, like that of Android and the iPhone. A WM user who is looking for an app that does a specific thing is basically left on his own.

A major requirement with smartphones is the ability to sync to corporate email systems in order to send and receive emails. Although Google is well known for its email service, it does not scale up to that offered by Microsoft Exchange. Google therefore adopted Microsoft Exchange to Android in order to be able to sync with Exchange servers. This is also the same path that was taken by Apple for the iPhone earlier.

Lastly, Android is fairly new and Google is still in a very rapid development process in order to fix certain glitches and to add new functionalities to their operating system. On the other hand, Microsoft has virtually abandoned the aging WM with the introduction of Windows Phone 7 Series that is due to be released later this year. A lot of industry watchers have commented that Microsoft created Windows Phone 7 from scratch rather than improve on Windows Mobile.

1. Android is based on Linux while Windows Mobile is based on Microsoft Windows
2. Android is open source while Windows Mobile is not
3. Android has its own app market which current Windows Mobile devices lack
4. Android still has fewer applications than Windows Mobile
5. Android adapts Microsoft Exchange native to Windows Mobile
6. Android is still in development while Windows Mobile development has virtually stopped

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  1. can i use same mobile 2 operative system like android and windows or any smartphone support this capability.

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