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Difference Between GV Mobile+ and GV Connect

GV Mobile+ vs GV Connect

The debacle between Google and Apple over the use of Google Voice services in the iPhone started with Apple’s removal of the Google Voice app from the Apple App Store and eventually led to a government investigation. Out of all this came the emergence of two third party applications that allowed the use of Google Voice applications in the iPhone; the GV Mobile+ and GV Connect. Although both apps basically do the same thing and use the same service, there are a number of differences between the two; one of which is in how they keep track of messages.

With text messages, GV Mobile shows the 15 most recent received messages. A bit more than the 11 messages that GV Connect shows. But, GV connect allows the user to browse through older messages, which GV Mobile doesn’t actually do. The same is also true when it comes to voice mail. GV Connect is more flexible and it even lets you search and sort through your messages so that you can find what you are looking for even if it has been buried in a lot of more recent messages.

But, the differences between GV Mobile and GV Connect do not end in functionality but extends even to aesthetics. One noticeable difference is in the font size that they use. GV Connect uses a smaller font that lets you view more on screen at the same time. Although the bigger font size on the GV Mobile takes up more space, it makes it easier to read text.

GV Mobile also has the advantage of having aesthetically pleasing graphics. This gives it a significant edge with people who are choosing to buy as most people cannot really judge the software based on performance. So, they tend to go more with the software that looks more professional and attractive.

This has resulted in GV Mobile outselling GV Connect, despite the latter having better features. But for those who care to read reviews and opinions of other users, GV Connect seems to be the application of choice.


1.GV Mobile only shows a limited number of SMS while GV Connect can show all
2.GV Mobile does not allow browsing through older voicemails while GV Connect does
3.GV Mobile uses a larger font size than GV Connect does
4.GV Mobile is the more aesthetically pleasing of the two

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