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Difference Between Antivirus and Internet Security

kaspersky_internet_securityAntivirus vs Internet Security

Antivirus applications might be the oldest form of protection from malicious programs that most people can remember. At the beginning, it simply scanned for the signatures of any virus that it knows. It cannot prevent any virus that it does not recognize. Later on, more advanced features like heuristics were added. Heuristic is a method of monitoring the activities of a specific program and deciding whether it behaves like a virus. It would then alert the user and ask for the best course of action. Though, it might not be 100% accurate, it provides more security compared to the old method.

Internet Security software is not a single program, but is usually composed of more than one application that aims to provide total protection to its user. Still at its core is an antivirus program. But aside from an antivirus program, the other applications in the suite provide more security from the threats that arose along with the internet age. Another application that is essential in an internet security suite is a firewall. A firewall restricts other people on the internet from gaining access to your computer or network by refusing connection requests and any other communications from the outside and even from applications that are running on your computer. There are also applications that can protect you from spyware programs that can send your personal and other information to entities outside and other types of malware.

For most people who are not that adept at these things, Internet Security software is the best choice, as it combines everything you need into a neat single package, though a bit more expensive. But as we all know, some of the software in the package might be worse than what you can get from another. Because of this, more advanced users prefer the freedom of choosing each application separately. Some people might not also need everything in the Internet Security suite as they already have an alternative solution; a good example of which is the firewall. Having a firewall software would be redundant if you already have a hardware with built in firewall.

1.Antivirus is a class of software that detects and cleans out virus infected files while Internet Security is a suite of applications that aims to protect users against threats from the internet
2.Internet Security suites usually include an antivirus application among other programs
3.Internet security suites commonly includes a firewall, anti malware, anti spyware, and email protection programs
4.Internet Security suites often cost more than stand-alone antivirus applications

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  1. This helps me make my understand the little nuiances.

  2. thanks

  3. I understand the differences between the antivirus and internet security, therefore the question that I would like to ask is that since the internet security is the best choice, is it advisable to install it only in the computer or I can just install the two to strengthen the security component in the computer

    I would appreciate you help

  4. I have used both antivirus and Internet security of paid version..

    But the true fact is that Internet security does not provide 100% virus removal as the antivirus do..
    So in order to keep fully secure your system you should keep the fact in mind..It is obvious that internet security is a good choice but not full solution..

  5. thank you very much i like this site so much although its my first visit

  6. Thank you for your explanation. This means that internet security is better than an antivirus.

  7. I am not an IT professional by any stretch of the imagination; but, I have used the Security Suites (i.e. Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, AVG etc.) and they have performed well. With that being said…I have opted to use three separate programs for my PC’s security. Instead of having one application cover all three areas (firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware) of security, I use AVG (Anti-Virus), Spyware Doctor (Spyware), and ZoneAlarm (firewall) individually. I know that each of those companies do well against the respective threats and I just don’t feel that any would do as well in all three threat areas.

  8. Thanks for information now i m fully understand about these topic…

  9. i need double antiviruses for apple window computer/s 20

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