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Difference Between SAP memory and ABAP memory

SAP memory vs ABAP memory

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) programs run on a SAP database. ABAP programs can utilize two types of memory, ABAP memory and SAP memory. The main difference between these two types of memory is their scope. ABAP memory is pretty limited and can only be accessed within one main internal session. Other programs running outside that session will not be able to read or write to that memory. On the other hand, SAP memory is pretty much like global memory and is accessible not only by programs that are running under the same main session but also across different main sessions.

The different scopes between the two lead to two different uses. The main use of ABAP memory is to make data accessible across multiple transactions within the same session. Although SAP memory is also capable of performing this function, it is reserved for its own purpose; making information available or transferring data across main session.

Not only do these two memory types differ in usage, they are also accessed differently. When dealing with SAP memory, the commands GET PARAMETER and SET PARAMETER are used while IMPORT FROM MEMORY and EXPORT TO MEMORY are used to read and write data to the ABAP memory. This makes it relatively easy to program as you are already indicating the type of memory that you want to use with the command that you are using; rather than using other parameters.

ABAP and SAP memory are essential tools when coding ABAP applications. It is important that they are used appropriately in order to minimize resource usage and enhance the speed and efficiency of the application.


  1. SAP memory is global and can be used to pass data across main sessions while ABAP memory is local and is uses to pass data across internal sessions
  2. GET PARAMETER and SET PARAMETER are used to write and read to SAP memory while IMPORT FROM MEMORY and EXPORT TO MEMORY are used for ABAP memory

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