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"Michelle Crowley started writing by documenting her adolescence, felt blessed when her poetry and Letters to Editors were published, and was a reporter and Editor for her high school magazine. She also read anything she could before choosing to major in psychology and social anthropology at Rhodes University. After earning the position of Principal Researcher for a mining conglomerate, she returned to Rhodes to complete a Master of Research Psychology and then a Master of Clinical Psychology. An internship at Fort England Hospital allowed her to conduct a small private practice while she shared what she had learned and was learning as a tenured lecturer in the Psychology Department at Rhodes University. Her PhD was focused on the construction of gender at the edge between the intrapersonal and intrapsychic levels of human experience and shifted her career trajectory back to her first love: Writing. Dr Crowley currently coaches postgraduate academics to express themselves more eloquently in their own voices and writes about the ironies, tragedies, and mysteries of life, one of which is the body. She lives in Haarlem, South Africa, on a Homestead with four dogs, nine cats, two horses and 40 plus chickens."

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