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Companies all over the world are always on the lookout for proper management tools to help them cope with the many different tasks that need to be taken into consideration when looking after their employees, assets, profits and goals in general. There are many different tools available nowadays that can help us achieve these goals, and some of them include ISO and TQM.

Technical Definitions:

· ISO is basically a management system that has been created to monitor the functions and data of a specific organization, and that works on a monitoring basis to help understand the proper balance required.

· TQM is also a management system, simply know as Total Quality Management; however, this system works on the basis that the employee participates in the program on regular basis, and ensures that the tools and technologies are properly managed within the departments.

How do they differ in terms of output?:

· ISO describes the functions and the actions that you need to be able to have the minimum standard of quality systems in place. ISO can be considered as a tool to implement TQM, and also has some basic requirements like strict documentation for audit purposes. You can easily monitor your records with this kind of management program.

· TQM focuses on finding the best and maximum results, and how to get to them. It can be considered to be a management program based on quality. TQM does not require any kind of documentation.

Best Results:

· Research conducted on the implementation of TQM has shown a great standard of improvement in the work force, and in the output of the whole company in general.

· ISO systems have not been able to get the same quality standards without the support of TQM.

Although both of these management methods need to be understood properly in order to register and obtain them, it is quite interesting that although they are supposed to complement each other, it does not seem to make any difference to the output in the long run if you have both the programs working together for your company. Therefore, it is believed that they can work better if implemented separately, or for different purposes to get the best results.


1. ISO is more of a program to help you with the management process.

2. TQM is not only a program; however, it helps you become involved in the whole process in the proper manner.

3. ISO requires more sophisticated data analysis.

4. TQM helps you with your management needs in a more practical manner.

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