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Difference Between Hardware and Software

softwareSoftware and hardware are computer-related terms that categorize different types of computer related paraphernalia.

Hardware includes every computer-related object that you can physically touch and handle like disks, screens, keyboards, printers, chips, wires, central processing unit, floppies, USB ports, pen drives etc.

Software includes every computer-related program that you cannot feel with the physical senses for example, system operating system, an anti-virus program, the web browser, the memory, all data, reports etc. All storage devices that keep data safe and store it in some electronic form are hardware while all data in itself is software.

Software is what makes the hardware function properly and to an optimum level. hardwareSometimes, there is confusion between software and hardware because the two terms are so integrally connected. If you buy an anti-virus program you buy software but since it comes on a disk, you have also bought the hardware. The major confusion between software and hardware occurs relating to memory. Software defines the memory capacity of a computer but it depends on the kind of hardware ‘“ or memory chip ‘“ used in the particular computer.

Software is of two kinds:
Applications software: That is of individual liking and need. It can range from games to professional work-related programs like database management systems, word processors, spreadsheets etc.

Systems software: This makes the computer run and thereafter, makes the applications software on your computer function properly. Without systems software, the applications software cannot be run because the computer needs to be started up with systems software. Systems software is also known as the operating system of a computer.

Some computer manufacturers supply the hardware with their own patented systems software. However, some computers can be bought from a provider and they will run well with systems software bought from another provider. Applications software is designed to run on most operating systems.

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