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The image formats ISO and CSO are very commonly used today. If you are not very familiar with these formats, read on for the details and differences between the two.

ISO images are archive files. The extension of these images is .iso. Many software products and vendors support this image format. UDF files also are supported on the ISO images.

CSO is a form of ISO image format. Actually it is the compression technique used for the ISO images. The UMD games can be compressed using the CSO compression method. This method is also known as CISO at times and is the first such method for the ISO image format. There are nine different levels of the compression in CSO files.

As CSO is the compressed format of the ISO file, it consumes less space in the memory card. So, many prefer CSO formats owing to the lesser space required. But there is one problem with the CSO formats. Due to the compression, the program might not be as stable as the ISO format. It doesn’t mean that the program is highly unstable at all times. It happens sometimes. The lag or slowing down is due to the fact that the system takes longer to search for files.

CSO compressed games get loaded in your memory stick very easily as the games are usually smaller in size. So for using CSO games, you can use the memory cards with lower memory capacities.

Loading data takes much longer when you load from a CSO. This time is lesser in ISO format files. Thus, this is the major performance difference between the two formats. This is not a problem for all sorts of games. If in your game, everything completes getting loaded before you start playing it, then you will not feel the difference. But if your game requires the data to be loaded simultaneously as you play, you are sure to notice it without doubt. In these types of games, it is preferable to keep the game in the ISO format itself.

CSO is a very popular format as many use the same. So it will be easy for you to download and downloading gets quicker as well. The compatibility of ISO is better with games than the compatibility of CSO with the games.

1.ISO is an archived image file format and CSO is the compressed version of the ISO files.
2.CSO files are smaller in sizes than the ISO files.
3.The ISO games are much more stable than the CSO games.
4.The compatibility with games is more in ISO than CSO.
5.CSO games are very much popular than ISO games.
6.Downloading a CSO game is much faster than downloading an ISO game.

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