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Difference Between VNC and UltraVNC

computerVNC vs UltraVNC

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, and is a graphical sharing system that uses the RFB protocol, and you can remotely control another computer through the server. There is an increase in the usage of these technologies, specially by people who are handling networks between their offices and home computers, as they are able to access the remote computer through their own home computer and vice versa. Large companies also require having access to different departments in order to have better management coordination. There are many variants of these functions, and one of them is the UltraVNC.

Difference in operations

· VNC consists of a server, a client and a protocol followed by the company or the people involved in the network. This is considered to be software that allows you to go from one computer to the other, and collect data in a certain manner. You will be allowed access, and you will be allowed to do all the changes that you wish to do on the computer with this software.

· UltraVNC is also software that works like VNC. However, it is more sophisticated from the point that it also allows chat functionality and authentication methods. You can also transfer files from one computer to the other with this system.

Security issues

· VNC systems do not have any kind of security measures. There are no passwords that need to be inserted, and it allows more than one person to view one computer or more depending on the kind of program you are using, and the capacity of the server.

· UltraVNC does not allow more than one person on the server to communicate with one remote computer. It also has specific software that you can download onto your computer to install passwords and other security measures.

Other technical specifications

· VNC works basically with java, and it is easily installed with Microsoft Windows.

· UltraVNC works with C, C+ and java as well, and it functions best with Windows Vista

When using the VNC or UltraVNC systems, you must have a high speed or broadband internet connection at all times, and since both programs work very well together, it is perhaps good to have them both to make sure that your security and other related problems are taken care of, and that your systems function in the best possible manner. UltraVNC is free to download, and it can be a very good complement to the VNC.


1. VNC works very well with virtual computing systems where there is a need for access to remote computers on regular basis.

2. UltraVNC does the same work, however, it has better security issues that need to be taken into consideration if you don’t want access from anyone else.

3. UltraVNC is free to download, and works best with Windows Vista.

4. VNC needs to be obtained, and works without any problems with any Windows Microsoft software .

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