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Difference Between Young Living and Doterra

The knowledge regarding essential oils has been passed from generation to generation due to its use in treating ailments, skin refinement, and relaxation purposes.  Essential oils are found in plants and different herbs and may be used in different ways such as by steaming, using a diffuser, spraying and even topical application. Among the uses include the enhancement of well-being, refining the skin, cleaning homes and even inspiring positive emotions. There exist a wide range of essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, geranium, jojoba oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, and lavender, just to mention a few. Some of the renown essential oil brands include Young Living and doTerra. These two companies offer a wide range of quality, cold-pressed, non-adultered and certified oils in the market.


What is Young Living?

Located in Lehi, Utah, United states of America, Young Living is a company majoring in essential oils and other related products. It was founded in 1993 by Donald Gary after suffering a back injury. The company incorporates a business model that involves independent distributors who sell directly to customers hence earning commissions on sales. These products have, however, not been approved by the U. S Food and Drug Administration for treating various conditions such as hypertension, insomnia, cancer, dementia and many others, as some distributors may claim.


What is doTerra?

This is a multi-level marketing company founded in 2008 by David Stirling, David Hill, Emily Wright, Corey B, Robert Young, and Mark W. Some of the founders were former executives at Young Living, hence a lawsuit by Young Living, which was later resolved. It is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States. The U.S Food and Drug Administration issued a warning regarding the claim by the company on marketing their products as possible treatments for conditions such as autism, asthma, cancer and even Ebola. The company sells essential oils, personal care items, and supplements.


Similarities between Young Living and doTerra

  • Both are private companies
  • Both are located in the United States of America
  • In both, the main product is essential oils
  • Both are in the multi-level marketing
  • Both have, in the past, received a warning from the FDA regarding claims made on the effectiveness of their products to treat various ailments


Differences between Young Living and doTerra


While Young Living was founded by Donald Gary, doTerra was founded by David Stirling, David Hill, Emily Wright, Corey B, Robert Young, and Mark W.

Date founded

Young Living was founded in 1993. On the other hand, doTerra was founded in 2008.


While young living has more than 132 blends and 90 single oils hence more variety, doTerra has over 42 single oils and 19 blends hence less variety.

Quality control

While Young Living owns and grows the plants, distills and tests their products, doTerra selects the best farms to source from hence contract exclusive growers.

Young Living vs. doTerra: Comparison Table


Summary of Young Living vs. doTerra

While both companies are multi-level marketing companies specializing in essential oils, Young Living Owns and grows the plants, distills and tests their products while doTerra selects the best farms to source from hence contract exclusive growers. 


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