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  1. Michael Brady
    March 25, 2020

    I read with great interest your comparison of the brands Polo and Ralph Lauren. What is presented in your article has elements that are true and some that are incomplete in either in chronology or fact. For example, Polo and Ralph Lauren, as brands, originally were designations for men’s products (Polo) and women’s products (Ralph Lauren) under the leadership of Ralph Lauren, the designer, in 1968. As more product categories came on board, the Ralph Lauren brand was generally applied; for example, Ralph Laren Home for home furnishings.

    At a much later time, two other separate companies, Beverly Hills Polo Club and U.S. Polo Association launched apparel lines under those respective names. Use of the the word “Polo” was challenged in litigation between the entities. Agreements for the various entities were reached, but only the company operated by Ralph Lauren, the man, could use the single name “Polo” as a brand name, for example: Polo cologne.


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