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What are the differences between ‘map’ and ‘set’? The answers, based on research, are as follows:

First, the differences as to meaning:

When you say ‘map,’ it usually means a flat drawing, representation, or photograph of a certain location. There is no other meaning.

The word ‘set,’ however, has various meanings. In math it is defined as a collection of objects or things. In the computer world it is a data type. In the theatre it means the scenery or location where the photo or movie will be taken. In dancing it means the square formation. In fiction stories it is a character created by Robert Howard. In sports and games it could either be a signal, repetitions, unit of play, pitching position, or a card game. In mythology ‘Set’ is a name of a deity. In the Bible, ‘Set’ is one of the three sons of Adam and Eve. In Egypt ‘Set’ is a name of an ancient god.

Second, the difference as to its use:

When you say ‘uses for map,’ it could be topographic (map with concentric lines), geologic (map on types of rock), bio-geographic (used for scientific studies on habitat of plants and animals) and environmental (for physiographic, meteorological) purposes.

There is no specific point to refer ‘set’ to such things, but ‘set’ can either be a noun or a pronoun when it is used in a sentence. ‘Set’ is also used for various acronyms when it is capitalized.

Third, the difference as to parts:

A map has five important parts, namely; title, orientation, scale, legend, and grids or coordinates. ‘Set’ in its various meanings has no definition like that.

Lastly, the difference as to the period of time when the words ‘map’ and ‘set’ were developed:

The earliest known map is from 2300 years BC. The Babylonians developed it, and it was later enhanced by the Greeks and Romans decades of years later.

Due to the vast references and meanings of the word ‘set,’ no single point of time can be referred to it. Several points of time can be mentioned depending on the kind of object or area it is referring to. For example: in math the concept of sets were developed in the 19th century.

Therefore, the words ‘map’ and ‘set’ are different and distinct from each other.


1. There are four notable differences for the words ‘map’ and ‘set’ as to meaning, parts, use, and time of development.
2. As to meaning, ‘map’ has only one meaning while ‘set’ has various meanings depending on what area it is used in or what item is being referred to.
3. As to use, ‘map’ can be use for topographic, geologic, bio-geographic, or environmental purposes. ‘Set,’ on the other hand, can be used as a noun, a pronoun, or an acronym.
4. As to parts, ‘map’ has five parts while ‘set’ in its vagueness has no parts.
5. As to time developed, ‘map’ points back to only one time, the year 2300 B.C. In the case of the word ‘set,’ due to the vast references and meanings of the word, no single point in time can be referred to, but it can be several points in time.
6. The words ‘map’ and ‘set’ are different and distinct from each other.

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