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Difference Between Exhibit and Exhibition

Exhibit vs Exhibition

Have you ever gone to an exhibit or an exhibition? They can be educational and entertaining at the same time. They are mostly held in museums or in courts of law. The items that are exhibited can be works of art or material evidence to a case that is brought to court.

However, exhibits and exhibitions are not limited only to these places. A trade show or a business exposition is also called an exhibit or an exhibition. When someone displays an attitude, an emotion, or any attribute, it is also referred to as an exhibit or an exhibition.

The word “exhibit” can be used as a noun and as a verb. As a noun it is defined as something that is shown to the public. It is something that is displayed such as those that are shown at court proceedings that involve material evidence and those works of art that are displayed in museums.

When used as a verb, it is meant to refer to the act of showing or displaying an object, an emotion, or a certain characteristic. It is used to indicate the things or attributes that are manifested by an object or an individual.

Examples of its usage in a sentence would be:

His museum is the one which has the exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci’s works.
She exhibits great poise and restraint as she confronts him in the courtyard.

The term “exhibit” comes from the Latin word “exhibere” which means “to hold.”
The word “exhibition,” on the other hand, is a noun that is used to refer to the act of displaying, showing, or presentation of an object or items. It is used to indicate a collection of objects or items and is sometimes used synonymously with the word “exhibit.”
While “exhibition” is used when referring to presentations or displays that have several items or objects, “exhibit” is used when there is only one item that is presented or displayed. Trade fairs and expos are also called commercial exhibitions.

Examples of the word exhibition in a sentence:

The exhibition of his works was very successful.
I will be joining the trade fair where an exhibition of my artworks would surely create a stir.

The word “exhibition” comes from the Old French word “exhibicion” which is from the Latin word “exhibitionem” which means “to hold out” or “to show or display.”


1.The word “exhibit” can be used as a noun or a verb while the word exhibition is used only as a noun.
2.“Exhibit” is defined as something that is displayed or shown to the public while the word “exhibition” is defined as the act of showing or displaying an item or an object which is also one definition of exhibit making them synonymous.
3.“Exhibit” is usually used when there is only one item that is displayed or presented while “exhibition” is oftentimes used when there are several items on display.

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