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cute_rakoonCute vs Hot
As with any slang term being used by todays younger generation, the precise difference between cute and hot is ineffable. The definition varies in its shades of meaning depending on whether a guy is describing a girl, a girl is describing a guy, or a guy is describing a guy. Some people feel that cute and hot refer only to physical characteristics, while others think that only cute can be a personality trait, and there is yet a third camp that believes cute and hot are the best terms with which to describe a person inside and out.

Physical Characteristics
Cute refers to a sort of girl/boy next door quality, wholesome and all-American. A cute person is de facto attractive, but in an innocent and conventional way. Cute people will have an average to above average figure but if they are out of shape boys are generally thin while girls may carry a little too much weight in the hips and chest. Cute can be a very forgiving term, especially if used by your significant other.
Hot refers looks that fit into the aspiring model or porn star category. Hot people take the time to sculpt their bodies to their idea of perfection, while at the same time lavishing care on their hair and skin. Obviously hot people are attractive, but in a way that screams both sex and high maintenance. It may be possible that you don’t know any hot people personally, but have only seen them in movies or fashion magazines.

Intended Actions
The consensus is that cute people make good boyfriends/girlfriends. When you first encounter a cute person at a party, you will more than likely first be drawn by his personality or actions. Only later, after your friend asked how you liked so-and-so will you reply: “he’s cute.” Cute people are excellent for long-term relationships, cinematic cuddling, and eventual marriage.

Because hot people know that their looks are fleeting, their actions are also often frenetic. Hot people exude a sexy vibe that borders on slutty. Most people would rather “hook up” with a hot person rather than enter into a relationship. It is felt that anyone who spends that much time on her looks wants to show herself off whenever possible. The perception is that hot people excel at one night stands but not much else.

These words can also be used as the situation dictates. For instance, you might tell your mom your boyfriend is cute but tell your friends he is smoking hot. Since these terms have not yet been codified, the choice is up to you.

1.Hot and cute are both slang words used to describe someone’s appearance and/or personality traits.
2.Cute people are wholesome and moderately attractive while hot people look amazing and often have loose morals.
3.Cute people are relationship material whereas hot people are not.

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  1. Raccoons are obviously cute. I’d like to cinematically cuddle with it.

    • Raccoons are cute. Sometimes they have rabies, though. If a feral raccoon (i.e., one that has not been raised from a pup by humans) is willing to cuddle with you, it may have rabies. Also, a couple of times I have seen a raccoon climbing out of a storm sewer drain. So before cuddling with a feral raccoon, you should probably rinse it off first. If the raccoon bites you, you will want to quarantine it for about 10 days, and/or have its brain biopsied.

      Generally, raccoons, like monkeys, make terrible pets and should not be domesticated, even if raised by humans from birth. Like monkeys, they can get into anything, and overwhelmed owners end up confining them for long periods, which is of course very cruel. So release the raccoon after cuddling with it. Good luck!

    • I don’t agree with this article’s definition of cute and hot. In the first place, cute and hot can’t really be defined; it’s more of a feeling rather than a reason. Like, say a cute dog. If you ask people why it’s cute, they might all have different reasons. But they all feel that it’s cute.

      In the second place, cute people don’t have to be good-looking. They just have a sweet, innocent childish look about them such as doughy eyes or a tiny nose.
      Hot people are, of course, good-looking, but for guys, it’s mostly about the body, while for girls, it’s face, body, and attitude. Unlike what the article says, hot people could in fact be good relationship material. On the inside, they could be caring, loyal, and trustworthy. Hot is merely an external quality and doesn’t necessarily require lots of time and effort; some people are naturally hot with no effort whatever.

  2. lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  3. +1 internetz to you, sir.

  4. cute is ugly but interesting while hot is hot!

    • Personally i really think the word “cute” is kinda an adorable word…wheras “Hot” remind me of nudes…………when my friend refer to a random guy as “hot” it sounded like as if she woul like to go bed with that (random) guy…..Nowadays i still perfer to use the word “cute”..rather than “hot”…….

  5. LOL so true

  6. The perception of cute vs hot is so arbitrary that the two terms can hardly be distinguished except in the instance of one relative to the other and only from the same source. It would have been nice to cover other similar descriptions such as “fugly”, “smokin”, “fine”, “a 10” vs “a dog” and “shaggable” vs. “baggable”.

  7. You haven’t really defined either word, just explained the general feeling towards each. Also since you were speaking of human sexual attraction I’m confused by the raccoon picture. I understand they are cute and what not, but connected to the current text it implies that there would be an animal that would be considered hot. EWW!
    mslady does a better job explaining in a few short words. Although i wouldn’t think cute is “ugly” just not indisputably attractive as hot is.

  8. You failed to address the “personality” traits generally attributed to “cuteness”, other than a very general psychological assumption of the behaviors associated with cute versus hot people. Other than that it was an entertaining read.

  9. “Hot” people are not necessarily slutty or loose in morals — some people are actually “hot” without effort or being “high maintenance.”

  10. ummmmmm i thought that cute was a tybe of chemical found in rainwater by the nile right before the winter solstice????????????? where as hot is a work from the latin route (hawt) meaning the lord

  11. How I break it down…

    Cute has an innocent child-like face i.e. large eyes, small and or button nose, chubby cheeks, and a short chin. Cute people have bodies have a range from average to good.

    Hot has a face that’s thin and is 85% or higher when calculating the “Golden Ratio”. Hot people also have great bodies.

    Cute-hot are people that have a cute face and hot body or a hot face with an average to good body.

    The one on the left is cute. The one on the right is hot.

  12. In this century we still have people who thinks being hot means he/she has loose morals….idk how this two relates


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