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Difference Between Practice and Rehearsal

Practice vs Rehearsal

Many people often get confused with “practice” and “rehearsal.” Although, these two terms have a long-time relationship, there is quite a difference between these two terms.

Practice is done with the freedom of perfection. Actually, perfection comes from regular practice. Like it is said “Practice makes a man perfect.” Practice is usually done regularly until the final optimum result is achieved. It is done over and over in order to gain total perfection in it. It can be performed alone, with a bunch of people around, or other members or partners. A person can do it at home, in a park, and even in a car. Practice can be done at any time.
For instance, playing a guitar in a proper way takes lots of practice. One could have to play a single chord series again and again in order to master it. Solving trigonometric questions is also a practice form to conquer over the subject.

Unlike practice, a rehearsal is done before the official public performance or actual play starts. Constant practice leads to rehearsals, but a rehearsal is not the final outcome of practice. In a rehearsal, one ensures all the important things are in mind as if it was the original performance. The person ensures all details of the performance to be ready and coordinated to make a serious impact on the audience. It is usually done a day or two before the actual presentation. The place of rehearsal is usually the same place where the actual performance has to be done. It is done a few times but with all the concentration on the topic and a coordinated mind.

For example, in a rock performance, a band rehearses on the same stage a few days before the actual show. They will mark the performance at their best and ensure there are no flaws at all.
The same implies for any other public event like plays and speeches. In plays, various individual rehearsals are organized as a music rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and act rehearsal. These all are done differently to prevent any mix-up flaws in the act.


1.Practice is a constant act to improve the skills for any specific aim whereas a rehearsal is the initial preparation for a performance in front of an audience.
2.Practice can have flaws whereas a rehearsal is not supposed to have any imperfections associated with it.
3.In a practice session, a person is free to express any emotion or make changes while in a rehearsal, one is restricted to a perfect coordinated and unconcealed mind.
4.Practice is done to gain perfection over a specific trait while a rehearsal is done to ensure that the performance in the upcoming event goes smoothly.
5.Practice takes quite a lot of time while a rehearsal is done just a few days before the actual act.
6.Practice is a personal event while a rehearsal is a group event.
7.Practice may be done in bits and pieces whereas a rehearsal is made as a complete, finished product.

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  1. I conducted and follow ma business,
    it doês it

  2. As a professional actor, I disagree widely. 🙂

    Practice is, basically, doing things over and over again until they are reliable and you can draw on them at will.

    Rehearsal is the process of discovering “how might this be?” “What are my options”? (The word rehearsal comes from the Old English word for “rake” because you rake over your ideas, turn them around, smooth them out, dig deeper…).

    This is why a theater often has both practice rooms where I can be undisturbed, and rehearsal rooms where we can work collaboratively. And in a rehearsal, I am most certainly NOT restricted in sharing ideas and trying the wild stuff. Rehearsal is exactly the place for that!

    So we start with rehearsal, exploring the piece for some weeks, then fix a basic structure and some specific things and start practicing them. Then we “rehearse” again, working on timing and flow, trying different rythyms and speeds, which we might need to practice again. In the final days it’s rehearsal again, experimenting how our practiced performance will work 0n the full stage, in costume and with full stage technology. It’s partly practice for the actors, and more rehearsal for the stage crew.

    • Actually, Rehearsal is meant to draw all the Practiced elements into the whole of it’s presentable form. While different people have differing standards of experimentation in Rehearsal, the goal is to refine the fruit of the practice into a perform-able form. This is why we don’t have “Dress Practices”. If one leaves the idea of what a Rehearsal is up to the performers alone, then the technicians and crew would never know what the hell was happening from one night to the next…

  3. What if you have “band…(pick either.) Play rehearsal is the one that is only musicals, for example. Maybe I’m repeating the article. .

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