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  1. Don Lawrence
    September 25, 2011

    8) Longer clear spans can be acheived with trusses than rafter.
    9) Trusses can be set within a day’s time which ends up cutting production time on the structure.
    10) Truss engineering is empirical, and can be seal by a structural engineer in the state of erection within the same cost of ordering the trusses.
    11) Sealed truss systems have manufacturer warranty, which stick framing does not.
    12) Custom built roof trusses are built in jigs for consistency where rafters are not,
    13) Roof trusses are built with camber for settling after the dead load of constructon is applied where rafters are not.
    14) Loading for mechanical loactions are designed into trusses whereas rafters are simply doubled with no calculations.
    15) Necessary support (beam sizes) for opening can be calculated and sized correctly by the truss designer where in stick framing appropriate uniformed loads are seldom calculated correctly (load path from top through the walls to the foundation).


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