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Difference Between Sun Roof and Moon Roof

Sun Roof vs Moon Roof

Roof systems were created as some sort of compromise to provide the advantages of a convertible in a more standard automobile. With regards to roof systems, there are two common terms; the sun roof and the moon roof. The main difference between the two is in the material that is used. Sun roofs basically use opaque materials like metals or fiber composites. The term “moon roof” emerged when car manufacturers used transparent materials like glass as a replacement for the sun roof. The two are basically the same in almost every other aspect.

A moon roof is preferred in situations where you want to let the sun in but do not want the wind. The sun would shine through the moon roof even if it is closed. With a sun roof, you need to open it to let the sun in, which would also let the wind in; not very ideal when the wind is freezing. The downside to a moon roof is when you are living in very hot areas and you do not want the heat of the sun. A moon roof, even if it is tinted, would still let some of the sunlight in and the consequent heat that it generates.

All sun roofs and moon roofs have the same basic principle, but there are many variants depending on how they open and how they are operated. Some are operated manually while some have electrical and mechanical parts that allow the driver to open or close it at the touch of a button. Some sun/moon roofs pop-up, others tilt and slide, while others slide into the roof. It’s all just a matter of preference.


1.Sun roofs are opaque while moon roofs are transparent.
2.Sun roofs let the sun and wind in at the same time while moon roofs can let the sun in without letting the wind in.

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  1. It will help if you sometimes include drawings, indicating the difference. A picture is worth a thousand words.



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