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Difference Between Mobile Home and Manufactured Home

Mobile Home vs Manufactured Home

Mobile and manufactured homes share many similarities, but differences between them also exist.

The sizes of these homes can either be a single story, two-story, or a multi-section. Both homes can be classified as temporary or permanently built.

Both manufactured and mobile homes are homes that are created and assembled in a factory. After the assembly is almost in a finished state, the homes are transported to a particular destination or location. The homes are built on a chassis via a flatbed truck. Upon arriving at the destination, the homes are installed by rolling or being jacked up into the house’s foundation. The homes are assembled either piece by piece or segment by segment depending on the size of the homes. After installation, assembly, and the finishing touches, these homes are ready to be occupied and used.

Another advantage of the mobile and manufactured homes is that they can be moved from one place to another with ease. Both homes are used and available in the United States.
Both mobile and manufactured homes are very popular because they are low cost compared to a built-in home. They also need less time to construct and to be able to use. They are characterized as safe, easily upgraded and remodeled.

However, both homes are subject to depreciation. There is also a limitation in terms of design and customization. The main difference between these two types of homes is their status under federal law. June 15th, 1976, the federal government via the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a new construction standard.

Mobile homes which existed before June 15, 1976, are not covered by this standard. This means that mobile homes adhere to the old construction standard. Therefore, mobile homes are also called “pre-HUD.”

This is in contrast to manufactured homes which adhere to building standards according to the Housing and Urban Redevelopment’s new standard. These homes are also regulated by the federal government. In consequence, manufactured homes are also known as “HUD-compliant homes.”

Manufactured homes are an improved version of mobile homes. A manufactured home also has an improved design, construction, strength, durability, transportability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. Compared to a mobile home, manufactured homes have improved facilities.

There is also a difference in appearance. Traditional mobile homes look like metal, rectangular cans (trailers) while manufactured homes almost look built-in.

Another difference is that a manufactured home is considered real estate property after the home is assembled.


1.Similarities between mobile and manufactured homes include how the home is produced (factory made), the processes (transportation, installation, and assembly) and sizes (single, two-story, in addition to multi-section).
2.Another similarity is the advantages and disadvantages of these homes. Both are low cost, less the construction time due to being premade, affordable, easily upgraded, subject to depreciation and less design options. Another similarity includes that both homes can be uprooted and transported easily to another location.
3.Mobile homes are called “pre-HUD” homes because they weren’t covered by the new construction standard implemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In contrast, manufactured homes are compliant to this new construction standard. The standard was implemented on June 15th, 1976.
4.Mobile homes look less like ordinary homes while manufactured homes almost look like traditional houses.
5.Mobile houses aren’t considered real estate property while manufactured homes are considered as such after the home is assembled in its location. The latter type of can be sold as real estate and can qualify for Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) assistance. Mobile homes are harder to qualify for any type of financing.

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  1. Can a manufactured home be put on a basement foundation– how about a modular home!!

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