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Difference Between Activewear and Sportswear

Activewear vs. Sportswear

Activewear and sportswear are two different types of attire for people leading an active lifestyle. “Sportswear” refers to clothes designed specifically for sports purposes, while “activewear” refers to attire or clothes designed for the purpose of transitioning from exercise wear to casual wear.

Difference Between Activewear and Sportswear


Activewear refers to garments or clothes that provide style along with comfort and function and are made up of sustainable materials. Clothes like parkas, hoodies, pants,, and crew neck fleece sweaters serve the purpose of first exercising and then very comfortably and stylishly transitioning to casual attire where the styles, fabrics, and cut of the clothes gel with people mingling in a casual setting. People who love to spend a lot of time outdoors leading an active life prefer to be casually dressed in activewear, which keeps them comfortable and functional as well as stylish. Activewear also includes accessories and footwear of many varieties.

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Sportswear is clothes, shoes, and accessories that are specifically designed for sports purposes. It needs to have certain functions, thermal properties, comfort, sustainability, specific fabric weight, and many other properties to suit different sports. For swimming, the clothes may have different materials. Many clothes have water resistant qualities. Some have spandex to make them stretch with the body; others have thermal qualities for the purpose of keeping the body of the athlete warm in cold situations and cool in warm situations. Thus the flexibility, style, and material are not as varied as activewear clothes.

Sports gear is also included in sportswear. For example, trainers, helmets, American football armor for the body are also a part of sportswear. Sportswear includes: polo shirts, leotards, wet suits, sports bras, etc. The main function of sportswear is to specifically suit a particular sport along with its protective gear. Sometimes some sportswear serves as a uniform for particular sports. For example, the sportswear for martial arts like karate is very different from any other clothes.


1.Activewear clothes are clothes that serve the purpose of an active life mixed with a casual social life; they can be used for exercising and then transitioning into casual wear. Sportswear is sports specific. A particular sport demands a particular type of gear and clothes.
2.Activewear clothes have more flexibility and style along with functionality and comfort. Sportswear clothes are less flexible and are more focused on comfort, functionality, and thermal functions of a fabric. They are very sports specific; clothes for gymnastics or swimming, for example are absolutely different from any other types of clothes.

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