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Difference Between Abortion and Miscarriage

Abortion vs Miscarriage

Life is a gift from God and should be cherished. This is the stand of Catholic s and among other religions this is expressed in a different yet somewhat similar context and idea. Furthermore, there are many who would say that one hasno right to take another person’s life, and only that person may decide for his or her own life. What if the question deals with the life of the unborn? Does the mother have the right to decide for the baby?

Having a child is such a wonderful moment in a family. The moment that a woman knows that she has a baby can bring joy to the family, especially if it is planned and well thought-out. The anticipation may involve a lot of emotions and expectant mothers usually do their best to care for their unborn child.

Pregnant women who have accepted their situation usually do their best to care for their body, since they are supporting two lives now. Most have healthy pregnancies and they bear their children well. However,there are also instances wherein accidents happen that lead to unfortunate events, and thus, miscarriage occurs.

However, this does not happen all the time. There are some women, especially teenagers, who dread the moment they find out that they are pregnant, more so when it is unplanned and unwanted. Because of this, they employ different means to remove their unborn child. They do this by opting to abort the child they are carrying.

The two situations given involve two events, miscarriage and abortion. There are some differences between the two, but there is a fine line when miscarriage may also be considered as an abortion.

Miscarriage is the accidental expulsion of the fetus or termination of pregnancy, in which the fetus cannot survive on its own. It usually occurs during the first trimester. During this situation, the woman does not have control over the event, which usually occurs because of accidents or when the woman is not capable of supporting a fetus due to some health conditions.

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy either due to natural reasons or through human intervention. There are many reasons why this happens. Spontaneous abortion may even be considered as miscarriage. It occurs without warning. Therapeutic abortion may be done when the pregnancy endangers both the mother and the fetus, in which case, saving the mother’s life is the priority. Some would view abortion as a situation wherein there is some form of manual manipulation that causes the expulsion of the fetus from the womb.

As mentioned earlier, there is a fine line that delineates when miscarriage ends and abortion begins.


1. Miscarriage and abortion are two events in which there is a sudden expulsion of the fetus before its expected delivery date.

2. Miscarriage is the sudden expulsion of the fetus without warning which usually occurs during early pregnancy.

3. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy in which the fetus is expelled, either spontaneously or by human intervention.

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