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Art vs Craft

Most people do not see any difference between art and craft as they are both considered to be forms of creativity. Let’s consider how art and craft differ.

Art is a form of work that is the expression of emotions. Craft is a form of work, which results in a tangible output, for example, moulding and carving.

Art is often described as unstructured and open ended. It has no limitations of expression, just like in painting. Craft on the other hand is structured, which means that it has a certain form that is visible.

While Craft can be quantified, this is more difficult to do with art.  Another thing that can be seen is that one can create duplicate craft forms, which is not possible with art. It can also be seen that art forms move people on an emotional level whereas crafts attract people. For example, a piece of painting can create emotions in a person whereas a piece of jewellery or pottery can be an attraction.
Unlike craft, art is known to come out of the heart and soul. Crafts come out of the mind and need considerable practise to come out with world-class forms.

Art is a result of a person’s innate talents whereas skill in craft can be acquired with experience. Craft forms can be called skilled forms. In craft, more practical thought is needed whereas in Art, it is the emotions that make a perfect creation. Art is more related to aesthetics.

A craftsman will have an idea about what he wants to actually make. In art, it is the emotions that flow out, whereas in craft, no emotion is involved.

Pottery, metal works, glass works and jewellery are some examples of craft works. Painting, architecture and sculpture are examples of art forms.


  1. Art is a form of work that expresses emotions and expressions. Craft is a form of work, which has a physical form just like in moulding and carving.
  2. While Craft is quantified, Art seldom is.
  3. One can create duplicate craft forms, which is not possible with art.
  4. Art forms move people emotionally, whereas crafts attract people.
  5. Unlike craft, art is known to come out of the heart and soul. Crafts are a product of the mind.
  6. In art, it is the emotions that flow out whereas in craft no emotion is involved.
  7. Art comes out from a person’s innate talents whereas craft is the result of experience.

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  1. I could not disagree more– as an artist and craftsman– it is ridiculous to say craft requires no emotion and only acquired skill– that belittles those who create it and those who buy it.

    also it is false to say that art comes from a persons innate talent and comes from the heart– that belittles all the great craftmen/artists from the entire history of the man– take a look at Rembrandt or Rubens, to name a few. The latter whose production house and business acumen is legendary.

    There are many “artists” –most in fact– whose “talents” were trained and honed over time– who spent years learning a trade/craft– leonardo, michelangelo– etc

    The distinction between art and craft is one of elitism– made by socalled intellectuals to make themselves appear smarter than the rest of us. The truth is they are the same. There is great “art” and “craft” and there are great “artists” and “craftsman– and vice versa.

    • I could not agree more with the respondent. To even try to draw a distinction between these two expressions is snooty at best.

      • Agreed. Art and craft can’t be separated. We practice both at the same time. This pushes the concept of the ARTEEST, who is brainy and does meaningful things as opposed to the mere craftsperson who mindlessly turns out structures or perhaps cutouts in first grade or down at the mall. The author purports to be informed, but actually doesn’t understand the definition of the terms.

    • This only becomes absurd if you’re assuming they’re mutually exclusive. Of course, a piece of craftsmanship could be a piece of art. Poetry has quantifiable aspects of craft. Hopefully my pieces have both.

    • It is far more appropriate and accurate to note, “Art is communication of an idea or an emotion, while craft is the physical manipulation of material; they are not mutually exclusive.”

      To conclude as this article has, “Pottery, metal works, glass works and jewellery are some examples of craft works. Painting, architecture and sculpture are examples of art forms” is patently ridiculous.

      All media — whether painting, pottery and ceramics, fabric work and metalwork, glass working and jewelry, may be either utilitarian and/or artistic. It is the degree of invention and creativity, the investment of beauty and the inspiration of emotion that embody ‘art’, but each is expressed through craftsmanship.

    • You really nailed it

  2. I must agree with both respondents and disagree entirely with the article.
    It is rare at best to find any craft done by hand that produces the exact same piece twice. Each will have its own character. My wife produces multiple pieces of crochet dolls using the exact same yarn, the exact same needle, the exact same plastic doll body to support the doll dress and yet each one is slightly different. and different ruffle here, and tighter stitch there. And if there is an artist anywhere in history whose first marks with a chalk or brush on canvas or first sculpted pot or first hand print in clay was considered a masterpiece of fine art I have yet to see his work. There is little if any difference between an art and a craft and to be good, much less a master at either requires a lot of dedication and emotion. That my good man (or woman) comes from the heart!

    • I understand art to be process focused and craft to be product focused.

      • Art can have an extra dimension, that of expression, without the interference or the desire of anything else but to communicate something that comes from the artists deepest and most intimate interior.
        When this state of mind is interfeered with, the product of this endeavor becomes craft. Most great masters became artisans at some stage of their life, but some of those that we call ‘ master pieces’ That they painted for the rich and powerful to make a living, are so, because the artist managed to achieve a level of artistic expression beyond the representation, the craft.

  3. No emotions in craft. Really you might want to stop posting. I would like to see your credentials. That is the rudest remark I have ever heard.

  4. So pottery making isnt an art? Seems like it is to me.

  5. I agree for the most part, at least in filmmaking. Many directors have craft (learned through consensus-backed principles of fundamentals), but few are artists. Artists tend to deviate from said principles or reject them.

    Many directors can, as the article states, produce something tangible that draws people. They can use or take advantage of common connotations and produce an output that efficiently panders or satisfies those impressions. But artists can dispatch with conventional structure and create something based on a completely foreign understanding of the most fundamental elements in form. They work mostly instinctively while craftsmen rely on presets.

  6. I disagree, especially about the part that “crafts have no emotion.” Infact, I find that very insulting. My recently late mom was an incredible artist. She could do illustration, make crochet shawls to creating the most gorgous handcrafted copper jewelry I have ever seen. Every piece of art she created, had emotion; love, feelings, dreams, to inspire & an admiration of nature.

    I myself am an artist. I draw illustrations (both digital and traditional), create comic books, sculpt, paint, sew etc. Nobody taught me. I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. An artist by my definintion is a creative person who makes handmade creations; wether it be illustrations, stained glass, jewelry or any of the limitless types of incredible things creative people make. To say crafts have no emotion is pure hogwash.

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Arts and crafts, to me, are one in the same. Both involve emotion, both involve passion, both involve skill, both attract people, both have talent; and the heart and soul that goes into creating it. This is what art is. Now, get out there, go to a local craft fair and talk to the artisans – you will learn from them, I guarantee. 😉

  7. Isn’t it all in the eye of the beholder?

  8. Any article where the author doesn’t have the guts to put his name, should never be taken seriously.

    An artist is a crafter and a crafter is an artist, no matter what medium one choose and no matter what process.
    Both are the same in value and the same in definition.

    The only thing one should consider, is whether the artist/crafter is true to his creation in passion, heart & mind, or if it’s “just a process”, mostly commercialism (done for the masses at the expense of his true desire).

    But even if one does it for commercialism, I see no shame in that. The world is tough and it’s hard times out there. As mentioned, even the old masters use their craft and talents to survive, not all was from their heart I’m sure.

    But I also think what’s worse than modern day intellectual wannebe’s, is the “artist”, the pretentious artist who’s ego are so high, that feel they are a better being than others … because in their social and media circles, they want to be seen as someone very very special … an “artist” … “I am an … artist”!!

    That I find most irritating and offensive. Because I am an artist. But I am nobody special.
    Just a guy with a brush and blobs of paint all over, not to mention even pixel … yes traditional AND digital artist … I must be the not worthy.

    Artist and Crafters are the same. It’s how true one is to one’s craft/art in expressing it that makes one different (not better or worse) than someone like a commercial artist.

    Wish I had a better platform and article to post this on 🙂 … an article with no author’s name … really … no that is below us all.

  9. I disagree.

    Art means expressing “thought “with skills.

    craft means expressing “emotion” with skills.

    very simple to distinguish

  10. This debate of art vs. craft is over complicated by its advocates. The answer requires no expertise in either areas. The answer lies in popular usage: the dictionary. Art is defined as personal statement expressed abstractly, with discipline and skill, in various mediums. Craft is art related to utilitarian usage. Art and craft are mostly a continuum, except where art is intended for art’s sake. Subjectively, crappy craft can lack art. In summary art is personal expression. Craft is art intended with utilitarian usage.

  11. Both are same in some manner…..but the purpose of their work makes the difference.

  12. This article seems to reveal an attitude of fear of the unfamiliar. I.e., things that don’t fit a given criteria are troubling. Such black and white criteria are very dated, elitist, and intellectually provincial. Artists and craftspeople of quality are embracing varying amounts of uncertainty and ambiguity to their advantage.

    I learned 50 years ago that awareness is more important than skill, and I believe that applies for innate talent as well. Awareness is ultimately more important.

  13. I’m studying handicraft and art in regards to apprenticeship. There used to be a more defined ‘difference’ between fine art and craft, but as many commentators said before me, craft and art go hand in hand. The act of making an elegant object that serves a purpose is how I would define craft; art applies concept a crafted object. Design attempts to make new objects or experiences that serve a purpose. If art or design is poorly crafted, it’s less beautiful and probably serves its purpose to a lesser degree. Simple, well-crafted objects are often very beautiful and required a lot of consideration from the maker. On the other hand, kids ‘crafts’ are often really ornate and individual, but they lack the elevent of practiced handcraft to be fine art or design. To sum it up, artisanal craft is ‘skilled making’, art is skilled making+concept, design is purpose-driven skilled making. Being a craftsperson takes time and discipline, and it’s just as important as concept and design.

  14. When you have talent you can create everything spontaneously, or like they say you are natural. Fine art ; paintings,sculpture are more decorative objects. Craft can be wearable/usable like accessories,aperal,jewelry,ceramic wear. However when handmade jewelry became unique sculpture than it is wearable art jewelry.
    When commercial/trained artist paints very similar paintings over and over in order to make sales they are not Fine artists.
    From my personal experience since an early age I been creating various forms of art / craft spontaneously without any preconceived ideas or training,and some of my pieces have been exhibited and published.

  15. Every piece of craft is an Art work. On the other hand, every piece of Art is not a craft. Craft exists in Art.

  16. Art is an expression of one’s self,ideas,concept. Craft on the other hand is the end product of our expressions majorly for utiliatarian and aesthetic purposes. Art is broad,its life. Craft can equally be seen an opposite of a master piece,a duplicated work that lost its originality. Thanks

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