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Difference Between Avenue and Street

Avenue vs Street

“Avenue” and “street” are basically roads. They are both big help for people to reach their destinations. These roads also help people locate places with designated names or addresses.

In the suburbs, the road in the middle of two rows of houses is called a street. A street can be found in a built environment. Imagine a place lined with houses or uptown apartments, there will be a first row of houses or apartments, and then there will be a second row of households. The road in the middle, where people and small vehicles such as bicycles or horse carriages or just pedestrians will use to pass by, is called a street. Although streets can also be found in major cities, streets are usually the main roads in smaller towns. The usual traffic jams found in streets are people walking or running about. Streets are convenient for pedestrians who are going to be late because streets usually lead to shortcuts to a desired destination. It lets people avoid the annoying and time-consuming hassle that the main road of cities offers. More common than not, any streets are intertwined or connected to every other street or roads that really lead someone to the other side from where he/she came from. Streets are venues where one can just walk and freely wander as far as his or her imagination leads (regardless if it’s safe or not). The street is a small piece of land placed in the middle of buildings in the suburbs. It can either be a paved way of dirt, or it can be cemented and properly hardened to be more convenient.

“Avenue,” on the other hand, is more of a crossing of roads where the traffic comes from. This means an avenue is a much bigger road compared to a street. This is one of the major differences between a street and an avenue. The avenue is used as a general road for people going to their jobs and other important appointments using their own cars or paying for cabs to get them where they’re supposed to be. An avenue is three or four times wider than a street, and there are not many residences along avenues. Avenues are usually lined up with tall trees or huge corporate buildings. Yes, people can still walk about on avenues like on the streets, but avenues are generally populated with larger, faster, and more expensive vehicles. The avenue is in a nicer part or location in a buzzing city and is a crossing of two lanes. It is a larger scale place. Unlike the street which can be found in the suburbs or town, the avenue can be found in the cities or downtown. It is a busier road which is highly utilized by the busiest of people going about their livelihoods.

These are some of the differences between a street and an avenue. Basically, the most significant difference between the two is the size. Now with this information you may be able to distinguish a street from an avenue.


1.Streets are smaller than avenues.

2.Streets are in small places like towns and suburbs while avenues are in cities or downtown.

3.People who pass on the streets are usually the residents of the area while people who pass by on the avenues are corporate people or other people who have appointments or jobs.

4.An avenue is three to four times wider than the street.

5.A street is in the middle of two rows of houses while an avenue is like a crossing where traffic usually starts.

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