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Difference Between Streets and Roads

Streets vs Roads

Have you ever bothered knowing the difference of a street and a road? Maybe you did; maybe you haven’t. Of course why would you when it’s one of the most snooze- button topics one could ever bring out as a topic for a conversation? It’s even boring to know now as you’re reading this article. But supposed you were taking an entrance examination in a company you have been dreaming to work on because of the astounding salary and the exam just happens to include a 1000 word essay on the difference of street and road, would you have known what to write? Or, do you know the answer? Would it alter your decision that road and street topic is just a sleeping pill?

Well it is really important that you know facts even when it seems ridiculous that you do. It’s cooler and even sexier that you know details on things no matter how baloney-ish it is that others do not. It may not make you a millionaire but it certainly wouldn’t drastically change something in you that you wouldn’t like. So about streets and roads again, did you have any idea that these two are different? Although these two words are colloquially interchanged, there is a huge line that differentiates them to the other. So to learn more about streets and roads here are some facts that you should remember.

Street, to begin with, is a word with a Latin origin ‘via strata’ which means paved road. To get a clearer view of what streets are, some examples of it include city centers, alleys, pedestrian streets, and other paved ways which are too small or too crowded for any vehicle to pass. Streets were around for as long as the history books can trace the first accounts of the ancient world. Streets were deemed one of the important factors from which a civilization can sustain its activities. Streets are places where people can freely move about, assemble, and interact with one another. This is a place where people can establish small commerce such as the flea market and the street fair, or a place where children can safely run to and fro because of the absence of vehicles. From a street springs an environment where buildings in an urban context are built. Streets could be dirt or made from cobbled stones or bricks; as long as it’s paved then you could call it a street. Streets are defined as urban.

Road, on the other hand, cam from an Anglo-Saxon word which means to ride. Roads are ways or routes that connect one to the other so vehicles used for transportation could pass. Even in the ancient times, roads were considered as very important commodity for a town to thrive. Roads are very important in commerce. It allows horses and carts to transfer goods easily. Roads include bridges and tunnels, crossings and other wider paths that can be passed by any motor or non-motor vehicles. Roads are generally longer and wider than streets and can be defined as both rural and urban.



The origin of the word street mean paved road while the origin of the word road means to ride.

Both streets and roads were important in the ancient times for a civilization to prosper because of its contribution to commerce.

Streets are defined as more urban while roads could be urban and rural.

Roads are generally longer and wider than streets.

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