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Lane vs. Avenue

While there may be little difference between a lane and an avenue, there still remain differences by definition. Typically, ‘lane’ and ‘avenue’ join words like ‘drive’ and ‘street’ following the name of a street. They help us with travel and address locations that would be otherwise somewhat confusing as some streets have the same name merely interchanging the descriptor. This means that there can be a Cherry Lane and a Cherry Avenue, and the only way to tell one ‘Cherry’ from another is by determining what kind of street it is. Both the words ‘lane’ and ‘avenue’ also have various meanings which are typically unrelated.

By definition, lanes are described as narrow passageways, typically in the country, that are lined with hedges or fences. While there are lanes within many urban city limits, as described in the definition there are very few. The term ‘lane’ when referring to a street type is used sparingly. If there were a street that was a lane, on a street sign it would generally appear as the street name and an abbreviation of lane as ‘Ln.’ ‘Lane’ is not merely used to describe a certain type of street that one can drive on, ‘lane’ is also used as a separation of term for the manner in which cars are separated on a larger road. For cars traveling in an eastward direction, there may be three lanes marked by lines on the pavement in which a car must drive within the two lines. The space between one line and another for a car is called a lane. There are certain stipulations set forth by the Department of Transportation that will permit a driver to change the lane they are driving in.

Avenues are wide streets that are used by automobiles to travel to a certain destination. Avenues typically can accommodate two cars to travel through the road in opposite directions at the same time. In a street name on a sign, avenue would usually be abbreviated to ‘Ave.’ Avenues are used interchangeably in both urban and rural areas. Avenue also has a second definition when used in a different context. It is used to mean a method of approaching something. Meaning that it can be used synonymously with the word ‘option’ when trying to determine a method of attack.
While the differences in real life, physically speaking, may be minor between an avenue and a lane, on paper and by definition there are many different stipulations that determine whether ‘avenue’ or ‘lane’ is appropriate.


1. Lanes and avenues are used to define the type of road a car is traveling on. Lanes are defined as being narrow whereas an avenue is a broad street permitting many cars traveling in different directions at one time.
2. A lane is abbreviated ‘Ln.’ and an avenue is abbreviated ‘Ave.’
3. ‘Lane’ is also used to refer to the driving space that cars should be in when traveling in one direction. A lane is created through lines that are painted on the road. An avenue is additionally used to mean the same as ‘option.’ It is the determination of choosing to use a certain method to do something.

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