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Difference Between Black and Milds and Cigarettes

Black and Milds vs Cigarettes

Black and Milds and cigarettes are tobacco that is smoked for some pleasure. Both have tobacco and nicotine and as such there is not much difference between them.

Black and Milds are to be smoked as cigars, which means that they should not be inhaled but only have to be puffed in and out of the mouth. The Black and Milds smokes are not intended to get into the lungs. On the other hand, cigarettes are smoked hard. People inhale the smoke hard and the smokes get into the lungs.

Black and Milds was a cigar brand of John Middleton Co., a company selling tobacco in Pennsylvania. Altira has now bought this brand.

Both the Black and Milds and cigarettes are bad for the body. When comparing the presence of nicotine and tar, it can be seen that Black and Milds contain more of it.  So if Black and Milds are inhaled, it is more dangerous than cigarettes.

Some of the Black and Milds also do not have filters and so there is a possibility of inhaling the smoke more. Cigarettes come with filters as well as plain.

In the taste, some people say that Black and Milds have a horrible taste. Moreover, if Blacks and Milds are re-lighted, they are hard to smoke.

When comparing the two, people smoke more of cigarettes than Black and Milds. When one Black and Milds is smoked a day, there is a possibility of smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. Another difference that can be seen is that Black and Milds cost more than cigarettes.

Another feature of Black and Milds is that it comes with a wood or plastic tip. The Black and Mild cigars are also available in various flavours.


  1. Black and Milds are to be smoked as cigars, which means that they should not be inhaled but only have to be puffed in and out of the mouth. Cigarettes are smoked hard. People inhale the smoke hard and the smokes get into the lungs.
  2. Black and Milds come with wood or plastic tip. They also come in various flavours.
  1. When comparing the presence of nicotine and tar, it can be seen that Black and Milds contain more of it.
  2. In the taste, some people say that Black and Milds have a horrible taste.
  3. When comparing the two, people smoke more of cigarettes than Black and Milds.

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  1. A whole pack are you serious???? lol
    Let me educate you so called professionals for abit.
    1 Black and mild is equal to about 3-4(not shorts) do the research yourself at home.
    Even with that cigarettes are still worse for you because most dont inhale the smoke, if you tried you would get a nasty acidic burning flavor in the back of your throat.

    Neither are good for you yea black and milds cost more than cigs IF YOU BUY A BOX personally i jus smoke 1 a day and im fine.They do contain more nicotine but like it says here you can always put it out and relight later for the same taste.

    Personally i would quit before i hit 30,the chances of you dieing from smoke-induced cancer in your 20s is probably the same chance as getting struck by lighting.

    • The last time I checked (when I bought a pack 30 minutes ago), Black & Milds were cheaper than cigarettes. In Philly, a box of B&M’s cost $3.50 (for 5). A pack of smokes cost $6.20. I normally smoke Newport 100’s but switch it up to B&M’s every now and then. I know when I smoke the cigars, I spend a lot less money.

      I know that I have a smoking problem and need to quit, point blank. I plan on working on that in the near future, but as for today… it is what it is. I’ll smoke a pack a day of Ports, but only about 3 B&M’s in a day. The math breakdown is that B&M’s cost me 1/3 the price of Ports. Not to say that cheaper is healthier because it definitely isn’t, but cheaper is cheaper at the end of the day.

      I do agree with incognito jones that 1 B&M is about the equivalent of 3-4 cigarettes, smoking wise. I don’t have the data to back up the actual nicotine/tar comparison. That data was what I was looking for when I stumbled on to this page.

    • I shoot heroin to eliminate the smoke jones

    • Don’t let the flavored taste fool ya! Whether you puff or inhale, the toxic chemicals are going straight into your lungs. When you are in denial because you are addicted to nicotine, it is hard for you to understand what this drug is doing to your body over a period of time. You have to be willing and wanting to quit smoking in order to understand that your health is more important than this addiction. You can smoke less of B & M because of the amount of tobacco/nicotine that is in one cigar. Your sensual feeling last longer as the receptors are released. This is why it is compared 2-3 black and milds = 1 pk. cigarette. Quit now before it is too late.

  2. b&m give me a faster buzz and cost less and take longer smoke if your alone it will take prob bout 15-25 min to smoke. just one a pack of four is like 3hrs of smoking

  3. My reasoning behind why Blacks are better than cigs is that black and milds are made with pipe tobacco, which, as far as Im aware contains no additives other than flavoring (much like sheesha, but without molasses), while cigarettes on the other hand are filled with thousands of chemicals (including rat poison). Sure black and milds arent good for me, but in comparison, a pack of blacks if not nearly as destructive as a pack of cigarettes.

    • You can buy pipe tobacco which is cheaper because it’s not taxed as hard and roll your own cigarettes with a machine by empty cigarette tubes it’s a lot cheaper and with the pipe tobacco doesn’t have all the chemicals it’s still not healthy but less harmful than regular cigarettes

  4. Ive smoked blacks and sigs for years, now I’ve stopped sig and only smoke blacks i like the wood tip no none is good for US! It’s good for the moment.

  5. Smoking is bad for you

  6. I but en smoking for 25years cigarette I starting getting sick a lot with short of breath and developed asthma its been hard to stop … U had no energy trued a black and I feel so much better and can breath I only smoke 1 a day where I was up to a pack and a half of cigarettes I don’t like the taste of blacks but its helping me to stop all together so I encourage everyone to stop but for me one black at a time

  7. I’ve never seen anyone only puff on a black. In my experience people inhale them just the same. So in reality, which is really worse

    • I quit smoking cigs, but I miss the motion, so I got myself a black I don’t in hale. I smoke one every couple of days I and I consider myself a non smoker and a still a weekend athlete. Put that your pipe and smoke it, but don’t inhale is my advise.

  8. Black and milds have completely different affects and there’s no way it could be worse for you . when u smoke a cig you can feel and taste the strong and chemical flavor in your mouth ans in your lungs when you smoke black there less harsh . smoking one every now and then isnt terriable for you but its not healthy either . but its definitly better than getting addicted to smokes . not only that you can smoke one black for a couple of days , insted of smoking lots of cigs everyday and lets not mention the price diffreneces so in my perspective you should smoke a black rather than a cig .

  9. I’ve been a b&m smoker for yrs now. Although I understand it isn’t the healthiest thing to do, it is better than smoking cigarettes as well as cheaper. Only time that I would smoke a cig is when I’m out in town and have to bum one after a few drinks. I almost always regret smoking them afterwards. Anywho, next step for me is to quit smoking altogether being in my mid 30’s.

  10. I stopped smoking for about 2months now and had some alcohol today and felt like a cigar. B/m is not bad. It’s my first time but then I know it’s tome to quit! Maybe one B/M anytime I have some alcohol until I am strong enough to quit completely! Let’s quit guys!

  11. Hi.quit smoking cigarettes for about 3,5 months to date,smoking Blackstone cigarrillos (cherry) instead,challenge I’m facing is that sometimes they are difficult to smoke,like it’s blocked so I break off the white tips thus wasting quite a bit & they’re seriously not cheap @ smoking an average of 2 p/day..who compensates me for the bad one’s???
    Love the little blighters.

  12. I just need to stop smoking period!! Black n Milds (wines) makes my throat so harsh with a raspy voice in the morning!!! I hate that! But when I smoke a reg cigarette (Newport or kools) they taste more nasty to me, also feels more weak like I’m not getting the nicotine to calms my so called nerves or anxiety

  13. When I don’t feel like cigs I get a single b&m. If I’m not stressed it lasts me about a day….they also don’t make me dizzy like cigs,s or feel like I’m going to throw up. I,not a heavy smoker and a pack normally lasts me some where around 3 to 4 days…if I’m not partying then I go through them very quick.

  14. It be cool to see who was still on here from the original thread

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