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Difference Between Cigarette and Pipe Tobacco

Cigarette vs Pipe Tobacco

Cigarette smoking has been the cause of much concern for people who are against it because of health reasons but its use has become so widespread and the industry is one of the world�s biggest that banning it altogether is impossible.

For this reason, some are encouraging people to smoke pipe tobacco instead, which they believe is safer to use. Which of the two is better? Well read on and find out.


Cigarette is made of dried and finely cut tobacco leaves that is wrapped and rolled in thin paper. It is smoked by lighting one end and inhaling the smoke on the other end, usually the one with the filter. Most cigarettes today are made of chemically enhanced tobacco, adding two different flavors, regular and menthol.

Tobacco smoking started in the 9th century Mayan civilization. They smoked reeds and tobacco in religious rituals. The first paper used to wrap tobacco was made of plant wrappers like corn until tobacco was brought to Spain and fine paper was used.

It was the French who gave cigarette its name and in the 1800s it became very widely used in Europe. Russians began rolling tobacco in old newspapers and Egypt began developing its cigarette export industry. Today, cigarette smoking is very popular in developing countries while its use in developed countries has declined.

This is due to health concerns regarding the inhalation of tobacco smoke which has been attributed to many ailments, including many respiratory diseases and cancer. It is also very addictive and smokers find it hard to stop the habit.

Pipe Tobacco

Pipe tobacco is made of natural and coarse tobacco leaves that are placed inside the bowl of a pipe which is then lit. The pipe usually has a bowl where the tobacco is placed, a shank or stem which can be detachable, and the bit or mouthpiece.

The pipe can be machine made or handmade with the latter being more expensive. It can be made from different materials including wood such as briar, oak and maple, minerals like catlinite and soapstone, gourds, corncobs, soft plastic, and clay.

The flavors of pipe tobacco are usually sprayed on the leaves of Virginia or Burley tobacco while the plant is still growing and the flavor and aroma are developed by treating them with a food based casing.

Spice tobacco from the Orient, Syria, or the Balkans are mixed with Virginia or Burley tobacco to come up with many flavors including wintergreen, whisky, apple, cognac, and several other flavors, and some are even sweetened.


1. A cigarette is made of dried and fine tobacco leaves wrapped in thin paper while pipe tobacco is made of coarse tobacco leaves placed in pipes for smoking.
2. A cigarette has two flavors, regular and menthol while pipe tobacco has many flavors, ranging from spicy to fruity to sweet.
3. The flavor and aroma of cigarettes are added chemically while the flavor and aroma of pipe tobacco are added while the plant is still growing by spraying them on the leaves.
4. Pipe tobacco is more natural and is safer to smoke than cigarettes which have added chemicals.

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  1. Where it says:
    “4. Pipe tobacco is more natural and is safer to smoke than cigarettes which have added chemicals.”
    it should say:
    “4. Pipe tobacco is as harmful to smoke as cigarettes (same health risk when you smoke the same amount), whilst cigarettes are more addictive.”

  2. I have squamous cell carcinoma epiglottal throat cancer and live on a feeding tube.My sister died 1 1/2 years ago.
    I strongly believe that it was caused by rolling our cigarettes from Rouseco Pipe tobacco.

  3. Both are a good way to kill yourself.

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