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Difference Between Tobacco and Cigarettes

Tobacco vs Cigarettes

Whether it’s Cigar or cigarettes, one cannot help associating one with the other. For one, both of them, according to health experts, are bad for our health. Both also have connections with machismo. And both tie up with harmful vices. It is still essential for us to pinpoint what makes the two apart by distinguishing their core and meaning.

Cigar is originally an agricultural product that is usually seen wrapped in a leaf tobacco used for smoking. The main chemical used is nicotine, and it is the main contributor for making tobacco smoking habit forming.

Cigarettes are finely cut tobacco leaves wrapped in paper for smoking. It also consists of PVA glue for bonding purposes. What makes cigarette smoking also habit forming is the ingredient called reconstituted tobacco that has additives which helps nicotine function to its maximum level thereby making the entire stick addictive.

Having laid the groundwork on the meanings of each, we can now go on to discussing the differences between these two. Though there are certain similarities, but distinguishing their differences is like comparing two fruits belonging to the same family. Nonetheless, it will make a different impact especially on health if the differences between these two are clarified. Being aware of the differences will help us realize the effects they have on our body especially our bloodstream. It is vital to know what you are feeding your body with these products.

Cigarettes and Cigar differ mainly in size. Cigarettes are generally similar in size. Cigar, on the other hand, has different sizes depending on the brand. In fact, it can extend its size up to seven inches long.
While cigarettes in general only contain less than one gram of tobacco, tobacco products, especially the larger ones, contain up to seventeen grams of tobacco. Hence, it can be said that a single tobacco product may be equivalent to a pack or two of cigarettes.
On one hand, cigarettes are made out of different combinations of tobaccos. Cigar, on the other hand is usually made up of one type of tobacco whether it’s dried burley or air-cured.
Time spent on consuming cigarettes is obviously less than that of tobacco. In about ten minutes or less, a stick of a cigarette can be consumed whereas it takes around one or two hours for one to smoke a whole tobacco product.
These two also differ in processes. Tobaccos are processed in a way that can last a year and then later on fermented to last for the next several months or so. Cigarettes have a shorter span of time used in processing. This also explains why tobacco has such a unique flavor and smell.
The paper used for wrapping cigarettes allows ventilation of the embers. Cigars do not have such as they do not have filters. In a way, there are minimal ingredients that help in filtering the harmful effects of chemicals from entering the lungs.
Both products are addictive, but cigarettes contain additives that enhance its addictive qualities by ten or even up to a hundred times. Tobacco has somewhat a vegetable gum that is very much addictive.

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  1. You mean cigars, not tobacco, per se. Tobacco is the plant and the leaves.

    Cigars are the ones you are comparing the cigarettes, too.

    Good article, though. Just revised it and change “tobacco” to “cigars” in the article.

    • I agree, while it was a very enlightening article on the other addictive components of cigarettes (which I KNEW but wanted confirmation on since quitting is always focusing on the nicotine so… futile!), I still want to know about the actual tobacco plant itself. Are cigars made of just pure tobacco then? I have a feeling they are not. Still, good article!

  2. This explanation is confusing because there are cigarettes, tobacco, and cigars here. The question was what the differences between cigarettes and tobacco.

  3. Hi ! Readly helpul…

  4. plz dnt smoke

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