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Difference Between Lights and Full Flavor Cigarettes

cigarettesLights vs. Full Flavor Cigarettes

Many people who smoke prefer cigarettes that are labeled as ‘light’ or ‘low tar’. There are even cigarettes that are marked as ‘ultra light’. This is really amazing considering the real motives of the cigarette companies. Are they making these new cigarettes as a ploy to break into the current fad of being health conscious? Well, those of you who are currently being fooled by this scheme better think again. Smoking these cigarettes is almost the same thing as smoking regular, or full flavor cigarette brands.

So what’s the deal with low tar and light cigarettes? To tell you frankly, light cigarettes are really ‘light,’ at least according to the smoke machines to which they have been tested. The problem is, every human smoker does not have the same smoking habits as the smoking machines used for the test. No two smokers smoke alike, there will always be a difference. So, if a habitual smoker smokes light cigarettes every 6 hours, then he or she may take in more tar or nicotine than someone who smokes a full flavored cigarette once a day.

Light cigarettes are usually manufactured with minute pinholes in their smoking filters, which reduce the smoke by combining it with air. The result is a smaller smoke to air ratio, which is said to be healthier than the ordinary full flavor sticks. However, this is the case for smoke machines only, and that’s why they detect abnormally low, and false, nicotine and tar values in their meter readings. These filters also have vents, which are uncovered in the machines, but a regular human accidentally blocks this vent because of the pressure from the lips or fingers. The result is the instant conversion of the light cigarette into a full flavor cancer stick, and the so-called smaller smoke to air ratio gradually increases.

Lastly, just as sodas have their light counterparts; full flavor cigarettes obviously have more flavor than their light version. All in all, both cigarette types give no health benefits, and either cigarette class does not significantly reduce the risk of cancer in humans. Nevertheless, if you want to have a healthier lifestyle, don’t just switch to lights ‘“ drop everything and completely cease smoking!

In summary:

1. Light cigarettes were altered a bit, so that they are measured to have less tar and nicotine emissions during a machine smoke test, whereas full flavor cigarettes contain the normal (full) or ordinary amount of tar and nicotine.

2. Light cigarettes have minute holes in their filters compared to regular full flavor cigarettes.

3. Light cigarettes are less flavorful than full flavor regular sticks.

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  1. Well explained, thanks! For those who want to stop smoking naturally, take a deep breath each time you feel like smoking. Your cravings will go away.

  2. Sheriff cigarettes are the worst tasting cigarette and make me feel like quitting for good.

  3. Is it nessessary for the author to give their opinion.
    All we need is the facts, Not a lecture. Everyone already
    knows smoking is bad for you.

  4. Amazing that non-smokers actually believe you’re somehow enlightening all of we smokers. In other words, NO SHIT. We’ve known this little tidbit for a long damn time. The fact is the draw on a light smoke is,…wait for it…LIGHTER than a Full Flavor. No one ever thought a light cigarette, unless the were completely stupid, was healthier.

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