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The Dragon Ball Z series was made with haste to catch up with the fast producing manga series. This is why the series created too many filler episodes. This means they have episodes full of talking, fighting, and charging and explosive sky martial arts so quick you can’t even see the characters anymore.

Because of the hasty production of the series, they redid the series and called it Dragon Ball Kai. This remake has more directors- cut taking out the filler episodes. For most parts the same actors where still the one dubbing the voices of the characters. This remake series is more advisable to watch if you want to be a follower of the Dragon Ball Saga.

The Dragon Ball Kai is a high definition and remastered remake of the original Dragon Ball Z. It was created for the 20th anniversary of the Dragon Ball saga. The title took out the ‘Z’ and added ‘Kai’. Kai means new, updated, or modified in the Japanese language.

As the title implies, this series is not a new Dragon Ball franchise, instead, it is just a remastered and refreshed series of the original Dragon Ball Z series. A feature of this series is that the screen is extended into 16:9 widescreen. Another feature is making the images more vibrant than the original. The amazing action scenes in the original series that die hard fans loved so much were all transformed into a much cooler and clearer high-definition.

The screens of the original DBZ where not stretched to reach the 16:9 aspect ratio, instead cropping was done. However, the creators made sure nothing important was taken out. The music and the sound effects of the DBZ was re-recorded in Kai for a better sound experience, the voices were also re-dubbed for better emotions. The opening and closing credits where also changed together with the soundtrack. Most of the characters appear in the opening and ending credit scenes. Some of the villains that appeared were Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, The Ginyu Force and many more.

DB Kai also created a great character ensemble trough showing different clips in every intermission. Unlike the original DBZ which only showed two in every intermission. DB Kai will be showing different eye catching clips in every intermission.

Garlic Jr. and his henchmen did not appear in the new DB Kai because the Garlic Jr. Saga was considered to be just filler. During the Android Saga, the opening and closing credits where modified just a little bit so that it will be appropriate to the current story line.

To sum it all up, Dragon Ball Kai is a directors cut of the original Dragon Ball Z saga. Only, Kai is remastered for a more exiting Dragon Ball experience. It is a much better version of the original DBZ and Kai was created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original Dragon Ball Z saga.


1.Dragon Ball Z is the original series while Dragon Ball Kai is the remake.

2.DB Kai is a better and cooler techy version of the original DBZ series.

3.DB Kai is basically a remake of DBZ.

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