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Difference Between Dragonball Z and Dragonball Kai

 Dragonball Z vs Dragonball Kai

Dragon Ball is about the adventures of Son Gokou, a kid that lives alone on a mountain and possesses one of the seven powerful balls also known as dragon balls. He was found by an old man who raised him as his own and named him Gokou. Together they live a happy life until his grandfather died in an accident.

Gokou doesn’t know much about the outside world until he met the girl named Bulma. Bulma is the daughter of a famous scientist, and she is searching for the dragon balls to make her wish come true. The two of them became a team and together they travelled the world looking for the other balls that would summon the great dragon Shenron and grant them their wish.

The original Dragonball Z series has been masterly edited and later released as Dragonball Kai. Fans have been constantly asking about the differences between the two animated series and thought that there wasn’t much difference between them. Well, for the most part, they are right, but in reality there is a big difference between Dragonball Z and Dragonball Kai.

One of those differences is the quality of animation and images shown in the two series. Dragonball Kai is obviously clearer and sharper when compared to the original Dragonball Z animation. Not only that, the fillers in the story were also removed, and it made the story easier to follow and understand.

The story of Son Gokou from his childhood up to his married life in the original 291 Dragonball Z episodes were cut down to 100 episodes in Dragonball Kai. The original staff (voice actors of Dragonball characters) also did some voice re-recordings to match the changes that are implemented in the new animated series.

They have also added some new sound effects and created a new opening and ending song for Dragonball Kai. The digitally remastered Dragonball Kai is said to follow the manga to the dot, which is also the reason why the filler episodes that are not included in the manga were removed from the story.

At first there was a lot of doubt whether the story will be consistent since it only has 100 episodes. Later on, fans proved to enjoy the remastered version because the story is easier to follow and anyone can enjoy watching it again from scratch. The current generation who wasn’t able to enjoy watching Dragonball Z in its earlier years also thinks that Dragonball Kai made it possible for them to watch one of the legends among the animation industry.

Dragonball was Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece, and the popularity of the animated series has spread all over the world. It has also been translated into many different languages. Although there are differences between Dragonball Z and Dragonball Kai, it doesn’t change the fact that it is considered one of the best animation series of all time, and a lot of people will surely enjoy watching it all over again.


1. Dragonball Z was the first original animated series from the popular manga created by Akira Toriyama.
2. Dragonball Kai is the digitally remastered version of the original Dragonball Z animation series that has higher-quality images, new sound effects, and new music compared to the original animation.
3. The Dragonball Z animated series has 291 episodes.
4. Dragonball Kai has removed the filler episodes of the Dragonball Z series and only has 100 episodes.

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    1. Dragonball Kai has removed the filler episodes of the Dragonball Z series and only has 100 episodes.

      Just a quick mention- because they’re continuing the series through the Buu saga, and the adapted arcs take around half the episodes they consumed in DBZ (100 episode arcs are now about 50), then increase it to 150 episodes.

    2. “The story of Son Gokou from his childhood up to his married life in the original 291 Dragonball Z episodes were cut down to 100 episodes in Dragonball Kai.”
      His childhood was shown in ‘Dragon Ball’ (153 total episodes).
      ‘Dragon Ball Z’ (291 total episodes) is about his life after he got married.

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