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Failure vs success

There are a lot of ways the words ‘success’ and ‘failure’ can be defined. These areas may be relating to your career or your education. It can even be about your relationship inside your family, your special someone, or even with your friends. Success and failure could also be found in the areas of seeking the path towards God or religion and even on your path towards self-development and your grand voyage towards self-perfection. It may also be about money. Success and failure can really go beyond the bounds of how a person’s past, present, and future are going to be. These two words are interrelated. They are intertwined. Success can never happen without going through a series of failures. Even when you become successful, the risk will remain as high for you to fail again. The relationship of success and failure is really more like a big wheel–you go up and then you go down. But one thing is for sure, success and failure is one of the greatest paradoxes in life.

Why is failure essential to success, and what can your successes learn from failure? Here are the distinctions of the two terms that make them such a great paradox in life.

‘Failure’ means the lack of success. This word is synonymous to all negative and heart-breaking meanings of words in the adjective list. You can rate this word from 1 to 10 depending on how intense your failure means to you. Failure is as lethal as hurricane Katrina or the great Asian tsunami because it has claimed plenty of lives as well. Because of failure in any of the areas mentioned above, many people have committed to resulting in death rather than face another day filled with shame. However, these people have failed to acknowledge in their short-lived lives that failure is an essential ingredient before someone reaches success or before someone can achieve his/her goals. Christina Aguilera’s song couldn’t have said it better: ‘It makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little bit harder, it makes me that much wiser’•thanks for making me a fighter.’ A success without failure is not a success at all. Life wouldn’t be sweeter without having a pinch or two of failures along the way. You know, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. It’s true. And failures in life will do it to you.

Success by definition means a favorable outcome. It is a triumphant stage in life. The word success is synonymous with all the positive words found in the adjective list. It represents all the happy things one could ever dream about. It’s the complete opposite of failure. However, without failure, success can never be attained. It’s a fact. No man on earth has ever reached success without passing and making it out through the wilderness of failure. In other words, if you have been successful earlier in your life, then Congratulations! It only means that you have the will to be successful. And even when you reach the peak of success, you will never cease to learn because your failure from the past has taught you not to stop learning. Success is not the end of the road, though. As mentioned earlier, failure and success is like a great wheel. It’s a cycle that you have to deal with. In fact, becoming successful poses more challenges, and in some of them you will surely fail. But that’s the beauty of being alive. You have to encounter these things over and over again to become stronger, to work harder, to become wiser, and be a fighter.



Success and failure are one of the greatest paradoxes in life.

Failure is the lack of success while success is a favorable outcome.

The two words are like a big wheel’•sometimes you get up with success and you’re down with failures. One thing is for sure, though; it will definitely make you a better person than who you were a day before.

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