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guitar-ampGuitar amp vs Bass amp

Music infuses muse to our life. It brings back the reverberation adding jazz to our Lie. Life is too precious to be spent hearing bad tone. The birth and development of stage performance since during 1930’s saw the birth of early version of amps. It would be interesting to note, that the early electronic amps were not produced to be used with electronic guitars. The Hawaiian music popularity in 1030’s and 40’s popularized the use of electronic amps in electronic guitars.

A guitar amplifier or amp as it is popularly called is designed to create musical signals of a guitar louder. The sound will be delivered by a loudspeaker. This also helps in modifying the tone by accentuating the frequency of sound waves and infusing them with the electronic effects. The guitarists most often prefer to be loyal to guitar brand and amplifiers designed in the early 1950’s. This is because the old historic amplifiers were low powered tube amplifiers which produced louder acoustic guitar.

The amplifier comprises a voltage amplifier to amplify a low-level input signal. The output is converted into higher-level amplifier which is also called as preamplifier stage. The preamplifier stage helps to produce electronic effects such as distortion, chorus and reverb. It also gives control of graphic equalizer. Guitar amps come as vacuum tubes /valves and solid state (transistor) devices. Some time both concepts are mixed up in the amps.
The combo amp contains the amplifier head and speakers placed in one rectangle wood box.
Electric circuitry which contains the preamp, built-in effects processing unit are placed in the head amp along with the power amplifier. The use of amplifiers in electronic guitars, have helped produce solid-state model lighter in weight. This also helps in producing instrument less expensive than the tube amplifiers.
The solid state amps infuse life into the live music performance when compared to other live music amplifications like bass guitar, piano, keyboard instrument and public address systems. With the growth of grand stage performance of rock and jazz artist grew the Guitars amps also have evolved to produce louder music with better controls and tone. Even today Gibson’s and Fender’s prove to be popular in terms of playability, technical depth and consistency in performance and fine tune over their original 1950’s design.

Bass amplifiers on the other hand produce bass response and tone controls to the stylist bass guitars. The top model bass amps include limited compressor features to keep the distorting of the amps at high volume levels. This instrument also includes special feature to patch the bass signal into a mixing board. Bass amplifiers gets heated up fast hence external metal heat sinks or fans are placed to keep the amplifier cool.

1.Guitar amps modify the tone by emphasizing or de-emphasizing the frequency of sound waves and infusing the electronic effects.
2.Bass amplifiers produce bass response and tone controls the stylist bass guitars.

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