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According to the Union Public Service Commission in India, two of the most sought after job in India are Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS). The IAS is the most respected and is considered a A class job in India. This job has authority and influence in Indian society and the entire government objectives in of the ancient country. The IPS is not as prestigious as the IAS; however, it is sought after as well. It is responsible for martial law leadership, and it can be a very influential element in society. Most of the students in India are after this job because it offers so much growth in the long term.

The majority of the students in India looks at the Indian Administrative Service as their dream job. There are literally millions of students who want to get this job, but there are only 150 students each year who get to become a member of the IAS. There are actually other private sectors in India that offer higher pay, but the students will still want to be in the IAS because they want the prestige, not just the money. This is because if you are in the IAS, you become a part of the administrative set up and may be able to change society. It is a very rewarding job because you can earn authority, respect, and influence.

However, the Indian Police Service is not that far behind when it comes to prestige and popularity. When you begin in the IPS, you will start as a superintendent, which is a high post in the police ranking. This career is more challenging compared to IAS: maintaining the law and order is a very difficult job, especially when you are assigned to the slums of India where goons and young criminals roam about. Peace keeping is a very big responsibility in the society. In fact, there are many students who join the IPS instead of the IAS because they know that they will do a better job in the force than in the administrative post.

These are some of the commonalities and differences between the IAS and the IPS.



IAS is more prestigious and popular than IPS. However, IPS is not that far from IAS when it comes to prestige and popularity.

IAS is focused more on the administrative part of the job, but the IPS is more on the application and how to keep the peace in the society.

There are more students who vie for the IAS than that of the IPS.

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